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As many of you readers out there are familiar with, my name is Dirk Diggler and I’ve been writing articles for the Network Marketing Today magazine for the past 4 years… One of the most rewarding parts of my job is getting to connect with people with amazing success stories. Stories of total life transformation…  Daniel’s story is very much one of those…

I connected with Daniel during an event being held by Eric Worre down in Vegas at the Palazzo (Intercontinental Resort). Daniel had been invited by Eric to be one of his guest panelists.  There was just something about Daniel’s magnetic personality and his personal genuine drive.  We connected right away and spent hours getting to know one another.  Naturally I asked him if it would be alright to do a story on him he most enthusiastically answered that with a yes!

Daniel is a 45yo Computing Consultant and Network Marketing professional. He lives with his beautiful wife and family in beautiful Burlington Ontario.  Daniel runs a Computer Consulting business employing over a thirty Technically minded Entrepreneurial professionals like himself he’s affectionately branded himself as the “Emissary of Quan”.  Daniel has a strong belief in the work that he does.

Technology today is growing more complex and continues to integrate further into our lives each passing moment. It’s easy for people to get left behind and not know what options there are for them. My role is so very important because sometimes people need an advocate to translate TECH into a language that is easier to understand. Someone to give them options so that they can have Technology work for them. I provide options based on what I think would be a best match to the individual style and work habits.

He is also the owner and founding member of the Technical Mastermind Association, as well and the Halton Technical Mastermind Chapter. Since its inception 6 other Chapters have opened up in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa and Winnipeg. He is currently in the process of expanding this business idea into the USA. “This business model works so well because it allows Technical Entrepreneurs to do what they love and get paid what they are worth” … He thinks of himself as an “Emissary of Quan” making sure people follow their dreams their passion and encourages them to get the “Quan” from their Entrepreneurial pursuits.

He says the following:

“I will always consider myself a techy and a geek at heart.  I am always going to tinker and play around with devices in general, it’s in my nature and I come about it honestly. Now a day though the focus is on the quality of time that I get to spend with people.  The one thing you notice is that when people are passionate about what they do and they are engaged in a positive way… they just go do what they do… there is actually very little I need to do with the Halton Master Mind in terms of the day to day technical support of clients that have recruited the power of the Mastermind.  I’m more behind the scenes making sure that things run smoothly.  My love is to Help People but also encourage people to find “True Health” in their lives.  You will find me spending more of my time continuing to change people’s lives with helping secure abundance in the Health, Wellness and Financial aspects of their lives.  Building an ISAGENIX business has been an instrumental part of my success and allowed me to have the capital I required to get the Mastermind Business idea off the ground.”

Generally speaking, everyone I speak to has a turning point in their lives in which they consider where they finally make a ‘decision’ that starts them on their journey of self-discovery. When I asked him about what he figures the turning point in his life was, when I asked him about when he feels his turning point was in his life. This is what he has to say.

       “The turning point for me had to be in May of 2015… By that point I had over 15 years working in the Technical Industry.  I had moved to Edmonton Alberta for a contract with TELUS the previous year and I was abruptly let go.  It was actually a huge blessing for me, the job was incredibly stressful it was a I was not happy with the work I was doing.  I kept on telling myself that if I just held on for a little longer that maybe things would get better… once I let go I was released from all of that. I immediately felt the need to go back to Toronto Ontario and be with my family.  I remember sitting down at a local café one morning called “The Taste of Colombia” and thinking to myself… I have no idea what I want to do!  “Okay fine. I’m not leaving from this phase of my life until I know what I need to do! “I spent the summer just hanging out and playing video games and slowly the ideas began to percolate in from my subconscious mind…  I realized I needed to make some changes… I needed to change the way I did things if I was going to get what I wanted from life. “

That initial decision… that starts as a whisper and grows louder as time goes on! I always love this part of what I do. It truly makes me appreciate how the correct application of principles and how anyone can change their lives through making the correct choices, using the right skills and becoming a slave to good habits. We ended up talking in more detail about what the process was like for him as he watched everything come into focus.

Daniel Says “It didn’t happen right away, a started out slow at first. I realized there were certain habits that just couldn’t exist in my life if I was going to be successful.  After my friend of mine introduced me to Mark Januszewski (Mark J) and website I started to closely study his videos.  In the mean time I begin to spread the word and share Mark J’s website inside my Network Marketing circles.  In July/Aug 2016 I shared the material my friend David who I knew from one of the Networking circles I was a part of in Edmonton Alberta.  I received a thank you email for sharing the material with David a couple of weeks later. He followed it up with a phone call. He was raving about the Master Keys course. He told me “Dan… You need to take this course” my reply was “I don’t have the money to put down on a course like that.” He replied “Can you afford 1 dollar??  I thought to myself 1 dollar??? How could I pass up this opportunity, I took this as a sign that this was the direction that I needed to take.   I have been affiliated with Mark J’s program ever since have kept the philosophy of “Pay it Forward” and right now have over 5000 students every 6 months. I am absolutely ecstatic to see the effect the Master Key’s has in transforming people’s lives.  For my own personal journey, I really started to feel things come into focus around week 8/week 9 of the program on my first time around.  As I began to adopt better habits and learn to link and connect the life I was living to transmuting my subconscious things started to happen effortlessly. I would meet people and things would just happen. I would talk to the right person, say the right thing. It was absolutely magical to see things take shape. I found myself thinking to myself… how is this all happening so fast! There was a surrender that I learned to observe within that processes. There is this tendency of wanting to “dig your heels in”, or panic because things just seem to flow so quickly. But it’s really just an older version of you, who is absolutely ‘weirded’ out at this being the new normal as to how life is to be lived.”

Life wasn’t always the way it was for Daniel.  He spent the majority of the beginning of his professional career working Network Operations.  Trading his time for money.

“I can remember working on contract for a Telecommunications company in Edmonton Alberta, one day they called me into the office and said… your done… and walked me out… it was a shocking experience for me. It was my only source of income and as soon as the contract ended I ended up going right back to Ontario.  I remember sitting there sipping my coffee one morning and said… “I am not moving anywhere until I pick a direction I realized soon into that process that I never wanted to have a career working for someone else again.  I decided I wanted to become an Entrepreneur, but I identified that I had a problem… my skills and habits were really holding me back.  My good friend Denis introduced me to this guy named “Mark J”.  I started watching his videos again and again.  Videos like “Instant Rapport”, “What goes through the prospects head” and “Most People Skill”. I was so excited about what mark Had to say about the skills that I made a decision to take his training very seriously.  I introduced my friend David to Mark J’s training. it took a couple of months but he sent me an email back thanking me for Introducing him to Mark Januszewski’s work.  He followed that up with a phone call and he said… “Dan you need to take this course” I saw that as my sign and within a few days I had confirmed my enrollment.  I had finally found the path I needed to take me to get me from where I was… to where I needed to be”

Dan attributes his success to the routine he maintains through his daily life. He wakes up anywhere between 4am – 5:30am every morning 6 days a week.  He makes sure he takes the time to exercise. He focuses on diet and nutrition.  He also takes the time to continue to practice the Mastery Key Principles he was taught through Mark J’s program.   He considers his Calendar his boss and sits down to schedule time to cultivate his spiritual beliefs and family every week to plan time around them before anything else.  He also attributes his success on having connected with some amazing people that share his passion for spiritual growth.   The most interesting part about what Daniel does, is the balance he achieves. Daniel always makes sure he is doing what he needs to do in order to take care of his own health and wellness first and foremost, he always makes sure he makes time for Family and friends… When it comes to business… he employs the same strategies and tools to continue his momentum with both his Technical pursuits as well as his Network Marketing Pursuits. Daniel refers to the importance truly being genuine when it comes to being committed to the success of the people he works with.

“There was a Class instructor at a gym I used to go to that would say “Thank you for taking the time with yourself, for yourself” If you don’t make the time for your own needs and maximizing the quality of time with your friends and family, you are sending that out into the Universe… and usually the energy that we send out is the same energy that we get back. I take a great deal of time getting to know the people that I’m working with. I need to understand what their version of success is and see if I feel there is a harmony between what I offer and what they are looking for. That applies to both what I do as a Computing Consultant and as an Isagenix guy. People need to be ready to make a decision in their lives and until they are ready all you can do is remind them of what potential exists… lead by example and inspire them and hopefully remind some people of what they are really and truly capable of”

It has been a privilege to get to know Daniel and connect with his story and where he came from as well as how things are right now. Whenever we get to sit down and have a discussion time just fly’s and I’m sure we could write a book covering the different avenue’s that Daniel has had open up to him resulting from his journey.  A big thanks goes out to Daniel for taking the time to share a little bit of his story. I’m looking forward to connecting with him in the future.  If you are curious about Daniels Journey with the Master Keys and where he is right now in his journey, I encourage you to visit