Week 14 – Cool Runnings: Peace Be The Journey

mv5bmjmxmtq3mzmwmv5bml5banbnxkftztgwntyxnzyxmte-_v1_Over the holidays I was able to sit down and watch Cool Runnings again. I must say as I get older I have a deeper and deeper respect for the acting of John Candy who passed away many years ago already as the result of a heart attack.  It was like I was watching the movie through an entirely new set of eyes and it was like The Entire Bob sled team itself were doing an MKMMA course all together through the course of their training and eventual competing in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.  Cool Runnings was on a list of movies to watch over the holidays and the assignment was as follows:



The assignment was to a listed movie and write about 4 key areas of the MKMMA:

  • DMP – Definite Major Purpose
  • PMA – Positive Mental Attitude
  • POA – Plan of Action
  • MMA – Master Mind Alliance


Leon is a Sprinter with one dream…. to go to the Olympics. When he through a stroke of happenstance he is disqualified when attempting to qualify as a sprinter for his running event.  he enlists the help of Irv, a former Olympic Bobsledder to put together the first Jamaican bobsled team or achieve is definite major purpose.. to fulfill his dream and attend the Olympics.


Leon demonstrates an excellent example of “I will persist and Succeed” Leon and Sanka go and visit Irv to initially discuss forming a Bob Sled team and Irv’s first answer is a olympic-todaydefinitive no.. so is his second, 3rd… 4th… they persist until finally they open his mind and convince him to take a chance them to Coach them.  He never gives up hope for one second.  Later on in the movie we find that Irv was actually stripped of his Gold Medals due to cheating in the Olympics back in the 1972 games. He added extra weights to the front of the Bob Sled in order to give his team the competitive edge. Even after this fact comes to light Leon still doesn’t lose faith in Irv’s ability to lead them to achieve their dream of competing successfully in the Olympics.


Leon puts a plan of action together where he recruits Irv as his couch. Connects with his Team Mates (him and Sanka connect with “Junior” & Jul Brenner both of which were fellow sprinters disqualified in the qualifying round. They Train long and hard and put into a plan of action to Raise funds to get them to Canada so they can begin to Train hard for the Olympics and finally earning them a place to compete in the Olympics themselves


bathtubThe Jamaican bobsled team as well as the couch function as a Mastermind! Each individual has their own reasons to be on that team but all work in Harmony to achieve the end result. Leon is there because its his dream to compete in the Olympics, Sanka is there because Leon says he needs him. Junior is there because he wants to complete but also because he feels the need to make amends for getting the team disqualified. Yul Brenner is on the team because he wants to “Get of the stinking Island”.  They all start as individuals but end up as a close knit team and grow closer while they reinforce one another.  The Journey isn’t an easy one. It is hard for the other countries to take a Jamaican Bobsled team seriously. But in the end they earn their place at the Olympics.. they qualify after training hard and even though they have a major wipe out during the competition… they earn the respect of their peers and the next event they are celebrated as equals with respect to the international Community.

One of the most touching parts of the movie is when after all that training and all that wehavetofinishhard work their sled encounters a mechanical issue and they seriously wipe out on the track.  It reminds me of scroll 3…. “Failure I may encounter at the thousandth step”… in life we never know when we are going to encounter a setback. but it is what we do and how we treat that setback that defines how we are to evolve.  The entire team gets up.. dusts themselves off.. pics up the sled and walks it over the finish line…  I persist… I succeed.. I win…..

You notice how Mark J has a tendency to say.. ” Peace be the Journey “??  During the Movie Leon asks what “Cool Runnings” means.. and he says it means ” Peace be the Journey “… a very interesting connection!!



Week 14 – The Father and I are one.

The Holidays & New Years

The time between Christmas and New Years is a time of Calm for me. The pressures of Christmas are over. There is a lull and a time to constructively ponder the end of one year and the beginning of another. I have a lot to celebrate and be proud of. There have been a lot of victories and a lot of lessons. I am absolutely grateful for where I am at in this very moment.

Christmas felt unlike any Christmas I have experienced before.  It didn’t even feel like Christmas but then I suddenly realized it felt Better.. it felt more fulfilling than any Christmas ever did.  My sister and her partner just had their first baby. So I get to be the weird Uncle for the first time in my life. My niece is just 5 months old so this was the first Christmas with this new Little human in our family.  Who is she going to be?  I look forward to watching her become who she has been meant to become. Its really quite a a beautiful experience.  My mother has been split from my father now for about 15 years… This is the first time in those 15 years that I have seen her happy in a relationship… consequently her boyfriend is welcome into our space to celebrate Christmas.  I truly feel blessed to witness all of this. I am finishing this year with the things that were non-Harmonious leaving my life and the things that are Harmonious enriching my life. There is such a beauty to this process. I can feel how the course has contributed to that and changed me forever in only 3+ short months.

My sit’s have been productive. I have not been sitting as long as I was before. I feel sometimes a bell goes off in my head as if the Subby is saying.. Yeah… And we’re done…. I’ve shown you what you need to see for now. I have been attracting experiences to help me truly get perspective and understand what is is I need to see and I must say there is a sense of AAAA-HAAAAA resounding in my being. It really is a beautiful thing.

I have gone through the process of re-writing my Definite Major Purpose and changing my Personal Pivotal needs.  I am finally at the point in my creative process where I feel my Definite Major Purpose reflects the current state of where my true passions lie inside me.  I am currently at version 29.5 of my Definite Major Purpose .  Its been such an amazing process of creation revision and refining.

“I and the Father are one”

We have talked about “The father and I are one”, Each of us Being the ” I AM” and are one with God/Universe higher power.  There is no difference between me, you or any of the other readers out there… We are all one.. only separated by a degree.  You are helping me write this right now. Because in seeing and understanding these words you have reached through time and space and made your mark on the impression these words are to have on your mind and heart.  This is the part where I thank you for all of those that are experiencing this now and contributing to the words flowing through me.

What I am beginning to understand is whether or not I have a positive or negative interaction with someone. I am accountable. With Accountability there is no blame. It is the true understanding that I am a co-creator of every experience I have with another degree of the I am.  I and the father are creating each and every experience I have with everyone because each of us are simply another form of our higher power / God / The universe expressing itself.  So If I am fighting with a loved one.. I am accountable. So is the person I am fighting with and so is everyone else that is aware of that experience and so is everyone else experiencing the ripple effects of that interaction taking place.  This goes both ways. If I am engaging in a Loving and Harmonious experience.  I am my ‘other self’ are also responsible and accountable for this experience and so is everyone else affected by that as we are all co-creators.

Why is this important?

Because each and every experience we have is a choice and a creation/co-creation of our own being.  Each and everyone of us reaches into our being.. our world within and creates and experience that is eloquent and perfect… even if the results of that experience do not meet our expectation.  If we are experiencing loss… if we are experiencing Abundance.. if we are having an down day.. If we are having an amazing day… each is the result of our impact on the world within creating the world without.

Week 14 Preface

The conscious and subconscious are but two phases of action in connection with
one mind. The relation of the subconscious to the conscious is quite analogous to
that existing between a weather vane and the atmosphere.

Your conscious mind is only an instrument to measure the creative power of your world within. Your role as a Champion and Gate Keeper of your subconscious will affect the conditions of the atmosphere here in turn your experience in the conscious everyday world will change.

Week 14 – 25

25. Thought is the only reality; conditions are but the outward manifestations; as
the thought changes, all outward or material conditions must change in order to be
in harmony with their creator, which is thought.

The one thing that is really sinking in for me is that everything that I think needs to be weighed and observed. The habit I am in is that I wish to control the means and the sources in which the sub conscious mind will use to manifest what I desire.  This is the source of loss!  It is only through setting the highest ideal… not putting an expectation on which source will reciprocate our creative process, but at the same time being open to any and all possibilities, forgiving all transgressions and moving forward with your heart truly open.  Truly learning to step outside my visible means and letting the subconscious create and generate the new means necessary to meat the highest quality ideal.

It is only through focusing on the highest ideal and letting things unfold as per what we are creating for ourselves that this becomes effortless. The biggest affirmation I have received over the course of the past week is how important it is for me to get out of my own way to achieve my own Definite Major purpose.

If I am deeply emotionally charged with the desire for Harmony in my life… I cannot expect that I can control the way the subconscious mind will bring that into fruition.  As I tune the frequencies in my being to attract my highest ideals  I must let the avenue of that manifestation take the road it needs to take, even if that road appears from no where and suddenly becomes a super highway!