Week 10 – End of Week Reflections

Its a late fall Saturday night here. I just had a flash of inspiration that adequately explains how I’m feeling right now and I think its best I share it before I forget or loose awareness of the fact.

I am no a religious person. But I am a very spiritual one and I believe that every religious text we have to day can cast a light and awareness that no matter how many times we examine it can help us learn and grow. Tonight I was thinking about the story in the bible of Jesus being sacrificed on the cross.

In Luke 33, 34, 35

When they came to the place called The Skull, they crucified Him there, along with the criminals, one on His right and the other on His left. 34 Then Jesus said,“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up His garments by casting lots. 35 The people stood watching, and the rulers sneered at Him, saying, “He saved others; let Him save Himself if He is the Christ of God, the Chosen One.”…

My focus here is on Luke 34….  

“Father,for give them,fort hey do not know what they are doing.”

If I look back on how things have changed for me since the start of the course and I think about ‘old me’ and the old blue print.. and what I had been doing in my life. I feel sometimes that there has been a need to atone with myself for all of the “shoulda coulda woulda” situations based on where I am now.  Because I lacked the principles.. because I lacked the awareness.. There are a lot of things I need to exercise forgiveness with. Because I truly did not know what I was doing.  The fact that I am here.. the fact that I am STILL here.. the fact that the Master Keys is a part of my everyday and there is no going back… I feel that is a true victory…..

At this point in my course, I feel a huge marked shift… I know earlier this week I had those parts of me breaking away and being left behind.  Now I’m left with a little bit of a void inside of who I am. I can say there is a little bit of an emptiness where all of these idea’s used to be…. I had been spending so much of my life holding together a matrices of different thought patterns which simple existed as a control mechanism of my conscious mind trying to control my subconscious with the idea that this is how I would get to where I needed to be and what I needed to do.

I feel that by keeping all of this around me… there was a bulkiness and a rigidity in my world within that was not in harmony with what the subby knew it needed to do.  Essentially my old blue print functioned as an extremely limiting fashion and truly stopped me from achieving and manifesting my dreams.

I think its going to be very interesting to watch things shift as my focus is no longer on maintaining my rigid thought patterns but focusing on polishing and manifesting my highest ideal…..

the-law-of-forgivenessI feel this coming week the law of forgiveness is going to be a huge thing for me to spend a little bit of extra time on… forgiving me in little ways as guilt gets brought up by my old blue print…






Old Blue Print

” Hey look what I found… Guess what… pack your bags your going on a guilt trip”…

New Blue Print

Nope… Not happening… I forgive me… I love me… I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy”


I’m looking forward to spending time with all of my MKMMA Family tomorrow as we begin week 11 with our webinar….