Week 4 – Your Bliss / Your passion – Never lose sight of that

danprofileIts a wet and rainy fall morning here in Oakville. I woke up this morning with objectives in my old blueprint still flagging in my minds eye.  I see them for what they are, but I still recognize the impact they have on my emotions.  I consider this a time of ‘old peptide’ detox for me.  As my brain chemistry adjusts to a new foot print there will be times like this… times in which things seem out of place just simply because they are not familiar to the ‘normally scheduled program’ that had been set on auto pilot in my life.

It was conveyed in the last webinar how important it is to keep on ‘interrupting the regularly scheduled programming’ that goes on in our lives to help migrate over to new thought patterns and better mental habits for ourselves.

Before I started this course, I generally thought of it as, if you do not provide your own direction, others will do it for you gladly and you may very well not be happy with the result.  Many of us for various reasons often get stuck in living out the objective of someone else in life. Its like when you work for a company and you are being paid… trading your time for money while you are achieving the dream and objective of someone else.  There is one common denominator that we all have… we all have the same amount of hours we live in a day and we all have the choice to determine the quality of that time that we associate with it.  If your surrounding yourself with situations that leave you feeling upset and unfulfilled, if it makes you sad.. or stresses you out.. you could say that the quality of that time is poor.

If you spend your time focused on the dreams and objectives of others.. when do you focus on your bliss and passion? When do you focus on whats important to you and what matters. More so… when your living in this way who are you surrounding yourself with that continues too add layer after layer of cement to the golden Buddha within?

When an Engineer builds or an Architect designs… They build something to achieve a specific purpose… A building is going to be x number of floors, house x number of people.. engineering-pictures-12a bridge is designed to handle x number of cars and trucks for x number of years. Every calculation is taken into account every nuance is explored… Inside of us we have our own Engineers.. or own Architects… over 4 000 000 000+ each working 24 hours a day to do everything from run our hearts, to repair broken bones… but also to bring in everything we need to build the life our Conscious mind wills us to create….

If we are directing our ‘source that never sleeps’ to build a life that is based on achieving the dreams of objectives of other people… if we are directing it to carry out the drama’s of life.. the drama’s of the TV shows we watch… Drama’s of the News and ” Tell Lie Vision” programs… we are not going to be providing the necessary nourishment to build something that is all about our passion and bliss.  Our life will not support us.. it will not sustain us.. it will not make us happy because we are building something that is not in harmony with our true purpose!

atlasOur Subconscious.. our all powerful savant needs the conscious mind to be its Champion.. its guardian its caregiver!!!  As we begin to focus on our passion, or bliss.. or purpose… people will miraculously appear and some will disappear that are not in harmony with us.. people that love us and care for us need time to adjust and there may be patience required as the new you begins to unfold. But one thing is clear to me… if we are building a life that is focused on our bliss passion and purpose and we are directing the subconscious to give us what we need to do that… as we become fulfilled it is then and only then that we notice how easy and effortless giving our 100% becomes.. because we are getting what we need. The Subconscious builds our life based on the blueprint we provide..The building we ask it to build..  the bridges we direct it to create…. Our blueprint defines what we get in life.

“The World Within creates the World Without…”

aaeaaqaaaaaaaai9aaaajgexotc4mtyzlwriyjatngm2my04zwe2ltcxowzintg3y2i5oqFor this to take place ideally…we must never lose sight of our bliss, our passion and our purpose. We must always be the advocate for what we need.  This isn’t an act of selfishness it is an act of definition. We are defining who we need to be so we can be at our best.. or brightest.. Where we need to be in order to give it our All.  If we become sick, drained or ill as a result of prolonged living in silent desperation.. we are a help to no one.. especially ourselves! We must take the time to understand what we need… we must be prepared to evolve and change in order to bring our needs into focus. Once this happens things begin to manifest so quickly. We cannot be thinking about.. oh.. well if i do this.. someone may be unhappy.. We cannot live within the means of others.. we have to embrace ourselves love ourselves and do what we need for ourselves.. we must be fulfilled and let that fulfillment overflow into the world and fill others.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!! I hope you have an awesome joy filled day!!!



Week 4 – Subby and Old Blue Print to New Blue Print Transition….

I am really getting in a rhythm with the new habits that are forming that I have adopted along the path of this course.  Week 4 my chore was to complete Phase 1 of sorting out all of my receipts. It is a rather ambitious chore, so I decided to break it up into phases. This phoenixweek it was going through all the receipts upstairs and throwing out what I no longer needed and organizing the rest.  2 shopping bag sized garbage bags full later, things are looking a lot less chaotic than they were!

I have been struggling with letting go of a few things that are left over from my old Blue Print and as I start to become the slave to Great habits . I have been telling myself… No matter what.. don’t look back… we need to see this through.. 100%… no give up… no surrender.. burn those boats!! I am here.. and this is now!!!

I had an alternation this morning that had me asking myself… why is this happening? What about this do I need to understand? I have been doing all this work and yet I’m running into these negative experiences….

All of the sudden subby quickly interjected and stuffed my head with an answer that I could not deny! What I am asking for… how do I know what that path is to that destination… Something that appears unpleasant now may be there for a very good reason, but I must be willing to put knee jerk reactions aside from my old Blue Print to see the goodness and the beauty in what is unfolding.  There is a lesson in everything we experience. Something we are teaching ourselves that is absolutely important and absolutely beautiful!!!!

In this case what I realize is the things that give us the strongest emotions can be the most powerful tools for our own transformation… for me one of those things is my Children. That experience I had this morning was to remind me of that.  To show me that as far as my DMP is concerned… I need to include something with them.. A source of infinite passionate Love to drive my emotions to ensure that I continue to drive myself to my passion and hearts desire! I would ask everyone… What could they include that they aren’t including in their DMP that fills them with passion and love?  I feel that this also takes a place in my life that pushes out an old antiquated habit or addiction…In my case its an old habit of feeling a certain way about a certain situation.. that I know is antiquated with respect to my Definite Major Purpose in life!

I thought the Phoenix was a good image to for this post, because out of the ashes of the old we become renewed. Only in the death of who we were can we be who we are becoming. Happy Wednesday everyone!