Week 2 – DMP/PPN and Daily Routine…

Its a beautiful fall day here in Southern Ontario, Last night I completed the work on my Week 2 DMP + PPN.  What I’ve noticed when adding the PPN’s and taking them into serious consideration, it seems to help the DMP take a little bit more of a shape.  One of the pieces of feedback I received from my guide is I had to be more specific about how things make me feel.. or when I was to achieve something, or how something was supposed to make me feel.

When you think about it… When are we most likely to make a permanent change in their lives??? When we are emotionally charged!!!! I really do feel after working with this material only a couple of weeks that this really is a key piece to the puzzle… Are we really willing to let our selves FEEL the way we need to in order to make the necessary changes in our lives???

This morning as I went for a walk, I found myself being able recall the words on the page with such clarity, I think maybe the reason why I can recall is because of the GUSTO and emotion that I have been putting in the words that I have been reading.

I have been reading my DMP 3 x a day, Reading my Blueprint 3X a day, Reading my Queue cards 3 X a day and reading the Greatest Salesmen 3 times a day…. I’ve been unplugging at night turning all my devices off.. I have also been taking my 15-20 minutes every morning to sit still and clear my mind.  Every day I feel the affects of this process accumulating… I feel it becomes easier to read, I wake up full of energy… By the time I had my coffee in the morning I realized I was only drinking out of habit.. because I was already awake and alert to begin with.  I am awestruck to really start to comprehend the process that is taking hold in my life!

I am absolutely excited about seeing where this process is headed. Right now we are in the process of building a new way to link the Subconscious and Conscious mind using using queue cards there is so many applications to this I can see, but I am excited to see where the Master key Mastermind is going with this!