Week 15 – Aphids, Snow Flakes, Flowers, Brooms & a Wizard!

Its Saturday Morning and how quickly the first week of 2017 is coming to a close. I have been thinking a lot about the story from the Master Key lesson dealing with how when a Potted Rose Bush Plant Dies:

Master Keys – Week 15

“In order to obtain the material, potted rose bushes are brought into a room and
placed in front of a closed window. If the plants are allowed to dry out, the aphids
(parasites), previously wingless, change to winged insects. After the
metamorphosis, the animals leave the plants, fly to the window and then creep
upward on the glass.”

It is evident that these tiny insects found that the plants on which they had been
thriving were dead, and that they could therefore secure nothing more to eat and
drink from this source. The only method by which they could save themselves from starvation was to grow temporary wings and fly, which they did.

T the sycamore-aphidAphid’s grow wings so they can leave their former home that is no longer capable of sustaining them. Is this not so true with people in your life.  When what you are sending out no longer sustains and feeds the peptide configuration that they are maintaining. The only choice is for them to either change the nature of their diet or Grow wings and fly, fly, fly away.  Right now I am watching old feeling and emotions start to wither and die in my life. As I am doing this all of the infrastructure which was supporting itself on that old blue print is shifting and dying too. The temptation is to go back and feel gratified with anger about the circumstances leading this change. But that is the old blueprint talking. I am ever vigilant of that Tried Tested and True Law of Growth.

Law of Growth

“Whatever we Focus on Grows whatever we forget about atrophies”

This week I got to spend some great quality time with my children.  I am divorced and my kids live in another city. So to get that 1 on 1 time is something I really cherish.  One of my DMP goals is to lead a life in which my outer world reflects an inner world that prioritizes spending time with both of my children Every Week.    My Daughter and I saw the movie Sing which I think would be a great movie for Mark and Davene to suggest next course to reflect a Definite Major Purpose. I will say this is probably my #1 thing I have gratitude for this week in my life. It made if a very very good time for me.

I feel the New Year has started off with the priority of continuing to let a lot of the old go in order to make room for the new. I find right now with us being focused on insight my Subby is getting a real boost in becoming more aware of holding my ground even when I life-after-bankruptcy-feature-money-720x430am  plagued with the disease of despair.  There are certain times in my life now when I am feeling the need to fall into old patterns and I say.. NONONO Dan… this is not the life you wish to live. You do not see yourself living a life where action a).. b) or c) is part of the picture.  Because what is the #1 thing if our ACTIONS are missing… the knowledge itself will never be applied because its only through actions that the activation of this knowledge is possible. So when we do fall into our old patterns and recognize it… not only do we need to congratulate ourselves for a job well done in being aware.. but make the choice to pick an action.. ANY action that will be a reflection of the new pattern!

When I was a younger version of myself my mother took me to a place in which I learned the skills of being able to act out and talk about how I was feeling. So whenever I’m going 11-theater-symbol-masks-free-cliparts-that-you-can-download-to-you-snpuje-clipartthrough something I may do a little bit of role playing in my head to really get to the root of how I am feeling at a particular time. Usually this is in times of feeling down or depressed or angry about something…. oh I am gonna do this… because you (person a, person b, person c) was acting in a certain way.  But what I realized this morning.. is I was indeed talking to myself. I was emotionally engaged in the process…. feeling strong passionate emotion… I am talking about the thing that I DO NOT wish to focus on.. but guess what??? What we focus on grows…. What is it Mark J said… the soil doesn’t care what you grow in it… Corn.. Potato’s…. Night Shade or Poison Ivy…… its all the same… I knew what he was saying… and I’ve know stuffy stuff like this for a long long time…. BUT… I will say this morning.. I am fully and truly aware of it.

I am not to blame….. But i am Accountable….. Truly Accountable for the creative forces that my words and emotions invoke in my life.   I am a wizard and the spells I invoke are the words impregnated with Emotion in which I speak. With words I can build the most intricate beautiful things or release a deluge and a flood to take it all away in an instant.. I am a creator… I am Accountable….” I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy”

The thing I’m struggling with right now is that through my emotion and through my fantasiaxwords I can invoke the energies of likeness in other people.  Could it be..? Could I be accountable for what someone else says?  How can I be… its Their ISSUE… not mine… I am right…. How dare they say this to me… but the thing is… if I am speaking about someone else… I am still speaking about myself… as ‘another self’ Is me! only separated by a degree!  If I am speaking I am creating… If I am speaking about what I don’t want I am still creating what I don’t want! This dialectic reminds me reminds me of a cartoon I remember watching as a kid where Mickey mouse cast a spell on a broom to fetch him a pail of water and the results of his actions get a little out of hand when he loses control of the the the situation. He tries chop the broom up into little pieces and each broom turns into another broom.. each brown is immovable in its power and quest.. This is just like us when we create something with our words.  We may try to take short cuts… but more often broomsandwaterthat not if we are not manifesting thing with the right intent.. the right emotion… Those actions get the better of us.. we lose control… and it can make a little bit of a mess in our lives! In the Cartoon its only when the master magician comes in and cleans up Mickey’s mess is his broom army dispelled… I think in a way our subby is the Magic and our Conscious mind being the Champion and gate keeper of our Subconscious mind is the wizard. It is only when we truly empower ourselves with the right ‘magic’ that we can bring harmony into our lives.   I feel like the Sunday Webinar is ce13be6c61c2c77e053e774f68551c8alike the Magician coming into my life… making me more aware… allowing to be more accountable and reminding me how powerful and amazing each and everyone of us are.   The Fabulous, Davene, Mark, Our Guides (Mine being the Gifted Glorious Gina), My tribe…. all of this is hear to help us learn to become the most powerful versions of ourselves that we can be.  We are learning to become our own Master Magician’s… we are learning to invoke the spells in our lives that have been woven with the most intricate of broad cloth!


I felt it was of tremendous importance to share this going into Week 16 … Because what are we doing?  We are learning about how when the flower withers and Dies the things and experiences that no longer server us evolve and begin to flow outward of our lives.. As the flower dies… the Aphids (A parasite) grows wings to leave the flower…. As we begin to scn0002346_110165truly evolve in our lives… it may be uncomfortable… but being uncomfortable is where the most growth takes place!!!!  We may be tempted to feed into the old blue print because we are afraid of whats happening… I know for me some of this unknown makes me deeply uncomfortable… but do you know what I also see?  I also see tonnes more of smiling faces. I see a great Mastermind… I see friends that I didn’t have.. I see all of the people I help… I see that I’ve become an Emissary of Quan for my Computing Clients… I see that I have so much to be Grateful for… I have life long friends that I did not know only 15/16 short weeks ago.. and yes all this newness scares me.. but I think its my power that scares me to… The Power of being accountable… the power to change my life in any way I see fit.   The power to attract and build whatever I wish!  In a way it was easier just to blame others for the situation I was in. But things being easier surely didn’t mean being happier!

Moving into Week 16

I am left with the notion of how important it is the Starve out the old aspects that no longer serve me.  How even if I am experiencing those moments of despair how important it is to stay strong and continue with the process of evolution. I feel as though the hardest part is over for me… I’ve watched my connections closest family members change and improve over the duration of the course. I’ve watched my relationship with my Grandmother (who I live with ..) evolve into something more Harmonious.  What I have realized… if I can see a marked change in those I care about most… Its a true reflection of the power and effectiveness of the principles we are working with here.   The biggest hurtle with this process learning to truly ‘feel’ the trust the process on a subconscious Snowflake Edgelevel with the Master Keys Mastermind.  When we are doing something new we look for that manifestation of results…  Results I am now reaping the benefits of in a continual process of unfolding and evolution. I think so  much of the success lies in the progress of the approach that we all take.. and the vibrational signature we maintain in the day to day of life. Scroll 4 is slowly percolating into every facet of my subconscious with my daily reading… I am starting to feel that love of being more of who I am. Being my unique quirky self… I constantly tell people… Everybody is Weird… its all about the Weird you can live with! 🙂 Also there is the recognizing the beauty and strength and uniqueness in everyone else. They say no two snowflakes are the same? That goes the same with everyone that has ever been! Being in scroll 4.. really connects me to Scroll 2 (I greet this day with Love in  My heart)… because we not only need to love our own uniqueness but the uniqueness of everyone around us…    Has anyone thought about the fact that we have a 6 month course… but 10 scrolls? 🙂 Even after the course is over… the progress we continue to manifest is up to us.  I personally feel a deep sense of gratitude ever growing in me. I find the flashcard exercise is absolutely amazing. I think I last counted about 122 of them and I’m probably going to be adding anther 20-30 between today and tomorrow.  I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read and experience this blog post. Thank you Mark, Davene and the Mastermind team for being your awesome selves and creating this space for learning, growth and self discovery.  Thank you Tribe for being there for this continue process of unfolding. Thank you to my friends family for being so supportive in my choosing to do this course!  Thank you Denis for being my Mastermind go to guy that I can talk and share this experience with  and ramble on in excess to almost Every day Daily!  See all of my Mastermind Family in the Webinar tomorrow!!!

If you guys want to have a look the clip I was talking about Its called “Fantasia – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”  You can watch it on You Tube here:

Week 15 – The Magic and the Magnifying Glass

magnifyingglass2So right now I have a part time job at a convenience store.  I am a morning person. The owner of the store is not. I am getting into this routine where I open the store at about 9am. The owner comes in later on in the afternoon. This morning a man comes into the store and he was looking for the Toronto Sun news paper (I live in Oakville Ontario) for some reason no Sun’s had been delivered to the area today. After he asks me for the paper… we spent a little bit of time gabbing a little bit. He stands around for about 10-15 minutes and I begin pay closer attention to him thinking to myself there must be a message here for me.  After standing around.. what does he purchase…. A MAGNIFYING GLASS!!!!… out of all the things he could have purchased in the store… and seeing as this week is about insight I thought this was an amazing gift to receive such a Harmonious experience in my life.  That is going on my Gratitude card for today.  I spent the rest of the day seeing repeating sequences of numbers 111 1414 222 I got 3 5’s for change 555… 3.33 in change…. That mysterious source that never sleeps had was showing me the love today…..

Week 12 – End of Week Reflections

I am really finding it hard to express the state that I am going through right now. I’m hoping that as I continue with this blog post it will continue to percolate from the mysterious source that never sleeps … into my conscious mind and then manifesting itself in this blog post.

I feel this is a tipping point for me in my life.  Its that point where I either start sliding backwards into the gully behind me.. or move forward with that enthusiastic momentum into the next progression in my life. I can tell you that it is my choice to DO IT NOW with respect to moving forward so there is sense of Victory with all of this. 

The wizard of oz is a timeless classic… and I’m thinking most of us have seen it or generally know movie well enough to make a reference to it. For those who have not see it I’m going to describe the one scene I’m thinking about the best I can in the movie.

Dorthy finds herself and her house magically whisked away in a freak tornado. Somehow this storm ripped it off its foundations and sent into the land of oz where she is now trapped.  Trying to find her way home she is told about this great Wizard. Thus the movie “The Wizard of Oz”  She must follow this yellow brick road to the capital city in which the Wizard is supposed to reside. When she reaches the destination and meets this all powerful wizard… She soon finds most all this magic of this wizard is smoke and Mirror’s… She has spent all this time and effort to… meet a man… and in the end she finds that the true power for her to find her way home was with her all the time.. She just had to make the choice. Watching her discover that the wizard was just a man playing tricks with smoke and mirrors… she reaches a point where there is a disappointment when she realizes exactly who this Wizard really was…..

This week I realized that I have been looking for the Wizard through trying to use the world without to try to moderate and modulate my World Within.  I looked at the world with this mysterious hope… thinking that if I looked outside of myself.. somewhere I would find the solutions to all my obstacles in my life.   The progression up to this very moment has shown me through direct experience that all of my challenges and road blocks in life can be resolved through the continued progression through building the tools I have been shown and will be shown in the Master Keys course. To look in the world without for these solutions is backwards and any chance that I desire in my life can be achieved through the Habits, Hard Mental Labor and Doing what needs to be done.  Right now I feel like Dorthy who has seen the man behind the curtain for her first time with her own eyes. Realizing that all of the smoke and mirrors were the result of my world within manifesting the world without.  Even when my actions result in an undesirable consequence… the design is still perfect because it is what I have created.. 

I love to Latin Dance, and last night I wasn’t planning on going to because I wanted to focus on some DMP related activities, but I was at my usually hangout spot which hosts Latin Dancing Activities every Saturday.  I have been working diligently on an activity where I have 6 shapes and not 4.  Each of the 6 shapes targets one specific area of my Definite major purpose.  The focus of this activity is to figure out the finger print of the emotion associated with each shape. The truest emotion that I can call on at any time to feel with that enthusiasm I need based on the law of subconscious.

Law of Subconscious
As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand
and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand ~ accessing a
reservoir of infinite resources.

So with all the work that I have been doing … I noticed that it was like I was living a different life. People were treating me in a way that I had never had experienced before. It wasn’t just a few things it was the entire experience all together.  This was the first time in my life that I really took a step back and realized how important it was to remove expectation from my life and just let the things unfold the way they were meant to.  Consequently I probably had one of the best nights that I have had in a long long time. It was a really great affirmation to solidify all the work that we have been doing here. It truly makes me realize how very important these progressions are and how amazing the material has been that has been put together for us here in the mastermind.  I feel there is a vacuum or a void right now that needs to be addressed in my life. My old habits of looking at the world without for solutions just lost a great deal of momentum. There are a new series of habits that need to be adjusted in order for me to properly replace the old. This is an exciting time.

Following up from my earlier blog post this week. I completed my new DMP focused around my New PPN’s.. and I will updating all of my material this week in accordance with this through out the beginning of this upcoming week.. Including my Movie Poster which I will be sharing.  I do feel there is a sense of calm that has manifested as a result of me reaching this point in my process. I see a growing eloquence in the design of what I am building. But I have also realized that there have been certain goals in my DMP that I were already reached.  They have become a part of my daily life… so I was able to change the entire balance of my DMP to reflect this.

Week 12 – I am still here……

shiva  A huge gaping piece of the outer mud/concrete shell outer  that once covered up a part of my Golden Bhudda lays on the ground. When I came into week 11… I have this sensation that I thought my statue had 6 arms…. now my statue only has two… its amazing how layers of clay and mud can change things to make them look like one thing when they really are another…..


The Week 12 webinar not only aided to invigorate me.. but aided to shake things loose.  Mark J asked us to spend 50 minutes in front of the Mirror and recite our DMP one liner… He said “Do it now”… I thought he was joking….. right now? But but.. we sit here and we listen to you for 2 hours…. Why is the routine changing… this isn’t ‘Right’.  I felt robbed… a little bit angered at the change in routine… Mark J is always asking for feedback. At the beginning of every week during the webinar he releases a survey…. I was all fired up .. and my old blue print was all ‘rawrrr ragefacerawwwrrr rawwwwrrr’…. then I suddenly realized what was happening.  Mark shook it up a little he caught me off guard… and my old blue print.. the part that likes routine and expectation… was fired up alive and well.  I made excuses as to why I was not going to do the 50 minutes…. I don’t have stable internet where I live now.. so I go somewhere else to do the webinar… oh.. “but I can’t pack up my stuff.. go up stairs and steal a washroom mirror for 50 minutes”…..  I need to stay down here… right where I am and complain about how I don’t have a place to go.. to repeat my DMP for 50 minutes… Instead.. I’m gonna channel be grumpy and angry and tell Mark at how displeased I am with how he changed things up and let us go for 50 minutes and do something that from what I understand people felt very rewarded for completing… [Reflecting on this while I’m reviewing my article –  Notice how many times I mentioned 50 minutes???  This again is old blueprint showing up in my “right… I’m right I’m right I’m right…. ” way.. Rawr Rawr…… Guess what… If I’m always running around with that ‘Right’eous attitude.. who will be Left?…. ]

When I take the time to reflect on this further, I can see the application of such tactics in my life on many occasions. Not going to bed when I should… Eating late… Eating to much… not flowing my schedule… not doing it now…  there are all reasons we give ourselves but in the end… its I think part of the same process.. We must learn to be in Harmony with ourselves and that is a tremendous undertaking in our lives! Not only to be in Harmony.. but stay in harmony… Removing idea’s and things in our lives that fall out of fashion.. welcoming the new…. saying good bye to the old.. taking time to take into account that we are a dynamic changing evolving being…

Well… my observer caught me before I did to much damage… I stopped myself in my Blue metal compasstracks and decided to wait a few days to submit the survey and figure out where all this anger and frustration was coming from.  I spent yesterday in a bit of discomfort with a tension headache as I begin to sort out all of the energy I was dealing with…. This morning I spent 45 minutes in a Sit in silence and letting  connecting with my subconscious.  Overall this morning I feel 100% better and really beginning to build my momentum again.  On Sunday.. something else hit me as well that Mark and Davene had mentioned that may come up… I realized I really really needed to change my PPN’s and redo my DMP to reflect how I truly feel….I’ve decided to change it from True Health and Helping Others.. to “True Health & Liberty”… I’ve realized I still desire my life to be a reflection of true health.. but I also deeply desire to have the freedom to come and go as I please.  I think my old version of my DMP was a reflection of what I thought other people wanted me to do and where I thought I should be based on that…  Helping others… has become second nature to me. Our PPN’s can be another sets of checks and balances to let us know which part we have to focus on… When one is brought into balance.. another set of goals is brought into manifestation to focus on and our PPN’s Leapfrog as we keep on pushing our envelope.

My inductive approach with the observer, kinda see’s why I’ve been angry for the last little bit.  Not only is the old blue print screaming for me to feed it its old peptide configuration… but my new blue print I was working on building wasn’t truly in Harmony giddy-upwith how I was truly feeling… My reaction on Sunday was most likely the result of my need to really take a step back and reflect on what has been happening as now that more of my golden light is shining and shimmering through.. its showing me that I really need to take the time to modify the path that I am on in order for me to really be able to get on that horse and get it done… Giddyup!

I can see now why some people reach a point in this process and say… “nuhuh.. I’m done.. packing my bags!  “ Facing our own STUFF (Someone I know and respect introduced the term STUFFY STUFF.. into my life… which I think is a perfect way to describe it) can be such a difficult process in life.  We have to be ready to face things and until we are… even our reflection in the mirror can fool us!  But I am reminded that at the end of the day… we still need to be looking at that Guy or Gal in the glass….. I am very glad to be here in the Master Keys course and to have connected with such am amazing group of people and such a powerful transformation tool in my life.

Scroll 3 – I will persist until I succeed says the following:

“I will avoid despair but if this disease of the mind should infect me then I will work on in despair. I will toil and I will endure. I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head, for I know that where dry desert ends, green grass grows.”

At the beginning of the course, Mark J and Fabulous Davene emphasized the need for Harmony in this course. The brilliance of Mark and his Idea of progressions is well evident in my mind here. Everyone is here… everyone is open… and in the last 12 weeks there has been this trust between the the Master Keys Team and ourselves..  I find that is very much evident on both the overall course level and the Tribe level.  I feel like I have a set of close friends that are with me for the long haul that I didn’t have before.  It really truly is a great feeling.. Because we are in Harmony our guards are down we can be more open and more magnifyingglass2honest with ourselves and others than we ever have before.  What I am realizing though with all of this…  This is the SAME harmony we need to maintain in our own lives. If people are operating out of harmony we can limit our time with them.. OR wish them well on their journey.  I have spent many years focusing on other peoples journeys as needs instead of focusing on what my own passion and purpose is.    I am reminded by those I’m been connecting to that a lot of this can be traced back to self esteem… The need to truly learn to love ourselves… to be kind to ourselves…  In any team in life.. you start with a team of 1… are you in harmony with yourself?  If you are not in harmony with yourself.. how can you ever truly be in harmony with someone else?  This is a question that has been cropping up for me lately again and again.  Its easy to point our fingers and tell others what they should be doing in lives… but the trick is to make sure we are focus on that guy or gal in the glass and that world within.. as well as being the Champion and Gatekeeper for our Amazing Subconscious that is utterly powerful beyond comprehension!!!

My favorite Master Keys quote from week 12 is the following:

Master keys Week 12:

4. The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward. Eternal vigilance is the price of success. There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential. you must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to date; third, the faith to do.

The only way any of us are gonna get through this course is to move forward.  We all made hikinga choice to be here. Its not always going to be easy. But yes the price we pay for success is vigilance. The price we pay is Doing it now… Always keeping your promises… Being in Harmony with yourself.. and doing the hard mental labor required to see this through.  But also understanding this is not a temporary change.. but a permanent one… you cannot go back to who you were and achieve what you have decided to become.  The old you and the new you… There is a huge difference and even only after 12 week… I know for a fact I will never go back to who I was.. he just simply doesn’t exist anymore!

I am well under way in defining my new DMP and resubmitting it to my Guide(Thank you for being your awesome self Gina!). I was talking with one of my Mastermind people (not one on course with me) and was noting the significance in the 50 minute exercise.. he said its not about the timing.. it may take 5 minutes.. it may take 20.. it may take 32.5 minutes… or it might take 2 hours.. but eventually there will be a blow back experienced.  Even without my new DMP polished I can still concentrate it into a 1 sentence DMP. So when that is done…I’m firing up the webinar and when he tells us to go and spend 50 minutes.. DO IT NOW… is what is first and foremost on my mind.  I persist until I succeed…

I think this will most definitely be another 2 Blog post week… I will check in later in the week.. Friday or Saturday to follow up on my progress…




Week 11 – Balance Time & Induction Oh my! You sunk my battleship….

I have been thinking a lot about the mental diet and how it has been transforming my life. In being accountable for my thought processes and resisting the temptation to indulge in a diet rich in opinions about things have no ramification on my own true happiness, passion logo-transand purpose… I have inadvertently been putting a stop to the hard mental labor that went into preventing Lavish abundance from simply just happening in my life and been replacing it with habits of hard mental labor that create a surface for this Abundance to perpetually manifest in my life.

I am consciously aware that this Lavish Abundance may take many forms in my life… lately its been nuggets of information and self realization that are sturdy.. well thought out.. emotionally charged by my daily mental exercise and thus easy and a pleasure to execute and begin to form. Maybe nugget is the wrong word…. I will change that to seed. Seeds that are ready to be planted in fertile soil that my mind has been progressively tilling over the last 11 weeks.


Between last night and this morning I have becoming increasingly aware of the situations I am choosing to spend time investing in.  If situation a.. or b.. or c… doesn’t have any connection to my passion and purpose in life.  If it does not contribute to making the ikepod-hourglass-6world a better place… most importantly if it does not allow me to continue my journey to refine my world within.. or represents a phase in my life that I have moved past already.  Should I invest 1 moment? 1 second…? 1 fleeting thought ?  If it does not represent an investment in me becoming this new me… if it goes against this new me… is it not a travesty to invest one of my most prized currencies… my time… in this or these fruitless pursuits.  Does this not so clearly define how important the roll of being the ‘Gate keeper’ of my subconscious really truly is?   We can spend a life time trapped in pursuits that are simple harmonics of laws of various associations we have in our lives.  Every second we spend towards our goals.. every moment… every repetition.. iteration.. cycle… every key stroke… every word we hear.. every image we see.. every thought we have can be tallied up at the end our days weeks months and years as looked… where has all this energy taken us.. has it made our lives better? Have we achieved our passion and true purpose??? Do we even know what our passion and purpose is? Are we happy? Are we fulfilled??

The world owe’s us nothing… and we owe the world nothing… but what we create.. the world we build in our world within… this is what defines what our experiences will be in life as we move forward.  Its okay to simply drop the mic and walk out of an experience 15327531_1009122529199288_1647680439_nthat no longer serves us.  Its okay just to simply not have an opinion. Its okay just to move away and eliminate any thought that does not serve us serving the world.  Because by being truly in service to the universe/god/higher power… That will help the world around us so very much more than being in a state that is not considered in Harmony.. or missing the mark of manifesting our True Passion and Purpose.

I have started to realize that we are also furnished lavishly with time.  Its all about how well we use our time.  Through this lavish allotment we can change the world, we can truly achieve our personal pivotal needs as well as our Definite Major Purpose.  It can be done quickly.. and effortlessly and eloquently if we furnish our mind with the best energy.. the highest intent and habits that will get us there.  We must make time to do the things that reinforce us. If it is written.. we must be true to it.  If it is your word.. it is your bond.. it is written.. it is done.  Being honest with ourselves and setting aside goals that are a true reflection of who we are has been a skill that his been progressively built in us over the last 11 weeks.. I feel that will only become easier and more effortless with time as we continue to get to know ourselves and become acquainted with the version of us that is entire harmony with the blueprint we are building.

As I get more acquainted with this new me that is beginning to percolate in my own life. I feel there is a sense of focus and attention to detail that I have never manifested before in my life. The new me actually needs to pay more attention to making sure he is scheduling how_to_balance-600x337in time to do things like yoga… stretching.. relaxing.. dancing… because the focus that I have now razor sharp… I persist until things are done… and if I’m not careful I will over extend my energy and effort…  Its no wonder that one of my main criteria in my life now is Balance…  They key is balance for me.. balance of my true passion and purpose..  I cannot create a world within of imbalance and expect to gain balance from it. That which we focus on grows right?  If we build a life of imbalance.. the only way to continue is to continue what we build.  Do it now! Do it now!.. build the life now! not later.. do not procrastinate and leave a tab for the future Me to pick up!  So I promise I will make more time to Dance.. more time to relax.. more time to do yoga… more time to a take time with myself and for myself… more time to make sure I maintain Total Health is one of my PPN’s…. As well I promise to do any of the Hard Mental labor involved to enforce the percolation of that Lavish Abundance happening in the process!

The Master Key’s lesson from Week 11 starts out with the following 2 points:

1.  Inductive reasoning is the process of the objective mind by which we compare a
number of separate instances with one another until we see the common factor that
gives rise to them all.

2.  Induction proceeds by comparison of facts; it is this method of studying nature
which has resulted in the discovery of a reign of law which has marked an epoch in
human progress.

I wanted to follow the wise words of the Fabulous Davene here and head into to definition mode with respect to the word Induction…. So what do we have online for the word induction??


Doing a Google search on the origin of the word ‘induction’ has the following derivative..

late Middle English: from Latin inductio(n-), from the verb inducere ‘lead into’

Dictionary.com has the following definition

1. the act of inducing, bringing about, or causing:

induction of the hypnotic state.
2. the act of inducting; introduction; initiation.
There is a reference of induction in terms of Electrical Terminology as well…

Electricity, Magnetism. the process by which a body having electric or magnetic properties produces magnetism, an electric charge, or an electromotive force in a neighboring body without contact. Compare electromagnetic induction, electrostatic induction.

Another application of this would be inductive heating….


Induction heating is the process of heating an electrically conducting object (usually a metal) by electromagnetic induction, through heat generated in the object by eddy currents (also called Foucault currents). An induction heater consists of an electromagnet, and an electronic oscillator that passes a high-frequency alternating current (AC) through the electromagnet. The rapidly alternating magnetic field penetrates the object, generating electric currents inside the conductor called eddy currents. The eddy currents flowing through the resistance of the material heat it by Joule heating. In ferromagnetic (and ferrimagnetic) materials like iron, heat may also be generated by magnetic hysteresis losses. The frequency of current used depends on the object size, material type, coupling (between the work coil and the object to be heated) and the penetration depth.

An important feature of the induction heating process is that the heat is generated inside the object itself, instead of by an external heat source via heat conduction. Thus objects can be heated very rapidly. In addition there need not be any external contact, which can be important where contamination is an issue. Induction heating is used in many industrial processes, such as heat treatment in metallurgy, Czochralski crystal growth and zone refining used in the semiconductor industry, and to melt refractory metals which require very high temperatures. It is also used in induction cooktops for heating containers of food; this is called induction cooking.

I know I can think of many occasions in which there was a time in which I picked up on a feeling that I experienced based on something that induced a response in my mind and heart, based on how it has indirectly impacted me…..  The resultant from the experience rippled out changed the environment in the room I was in.  Was it just my perception? Was it a coincidence?  Or was it my mysterious source that never sleeps… affecting me in ways I do not comprehend stepping in and saying… “dude… did you just feel that?  ”

Who sunk my battleship???!?!?!?!

battleshipReflecting on all of the ideas and definitions of induction.  You can see how important this concept is and how often we actually use it in our daily lives… Even as  child playing the game would use inductive reasoning to sink an opponents armada in the game battleship.. Based on firing on a coordinate in the dark. Whether or not there was a hit or a miss based on inductive reasoning would decide on whether or not to keep firing in that general vicinity.  We are leading along our own reasoning based on whether or not we have hit something. I think in life we function the same way.  We know how things feel for us… and if there is an specific emotional response to something in our lives.. its a hit.. or a miss.   I think we learn to push other peoples buttons based on induction… but its through induction we can lead ourselves out of this mode of pushing other peoples buttons and to even learn to remove ourselves from rooms where buttons exist whether we push someones buttons or are having our buttons pushed!  Through induction.. do we not deduce solutions?  One does not need to know there is a source of heat in a room from touching a burner.. we can feel the heat radiating thus we deduce that the burner is hot.. maybe because we see it glowing red too.. based on our previous experience.  If we find ourselves in a room we have never been before.. we know there is a source of heat based on how hot the room is.  This is the same inductive process we learn to draw conclusions in ourselves.. We can deduce form previous experiences that there is a causal factor for something. We can then link this causal factor to multiple states… Through this we define the decisions we need to make to create the most harmonious changes.

Definition of Deduce

to derive as a conclusion from something known or assumed; infer:

Moving into the later half of Week 11

I have always been a person that has used deductive reasoning to figure out many things around me. What my deductive principles were missing was the solid principles that The Master Keys is furnishing me with.  I’ve noticed and felt things come together in such wonderful ways.  I am building a ROCK solid foundation in my life in which my passion and purpose can truly manifest in all the wonderful ways it was meant to.  I will be working hard toward implementing the solutions presented in the Digital Connections side of the Mastermind.  I plan on starting a Blog for my Network Marketing Business.. as well as for my Computing Business and designing a plan for each to deliver valued content for a growing subscriber base.  My goal for the end of the week is to have a Website template completed and in production that I can begin to connect the digital world.  I am going to continue the inductive process to investigate what is required to ensure balance in my life as I continue to get to know this New Me unfolding as I perpetually move forward to meeting the new versions of my future me down the road.  I am increasing the intensity of the interruption process. I will be linking emotion states to the colors and shapes associated with my Goals. I will be practicing the manifestation of associating these states and designing a series of exercises to entrain my emotions onto these states that I desire to manifest.

I will Persist and Succeed…..


Week 3 – Dream and the Old Blue Print

I had a very interesting dream the other night. In my dream I was lying down and looking at some type of computer screen or smart phone screen. On that screen there was a message and the message said “you never listen to how I feel anymore”. The sense I got was that it was from someone in my past someone who used to be very close to me. They were complaining…. But in my dream I felt a state of impartiality to this message. My thought behind it was that there was a good reason why I wasn’t concerned about how they felt anymore.

I meditated on this in silence and was thinking to myself… THIS WAS MY OLD BLUE PRINT!!!! Before, the things that seemed vitally important are no longer vitally important. I am really starting to see that the people in my life and the quality of the emotional reaction I get out of experiences with them has everything to do with what is created in the World Within. The result is what I see manifesting before my eyes.

Right now I’ve been playing close attention at fully understanding the definition the relationships between the “World Within” and the “World Without”

Master Keys Week # 1

  1. we are related to the world without by the objective mind. The Brain is the organ of this mind and the cerebro-spinal system of nerves puts us in conscious communication with every part of the body. This system of nerves puts us in conscious communication with every part of the body. This system of nerves responds to every sensation of light, heat, odor, sound and taste.
  2. We are related to the world within by the subconscious mind. The solar plexus is the organ of this mind; the sympathetic system of nerves presides over all subjective sensations, such as fear, love, emotion, respiration, imagination and all other subconscious phenomena. It is through the subconscious that we are connected with the Universal Mind and brought into relation with the Infinite constructive forces of the Universe.

My drive today has been to gain a deeper understanding into the sympathetic system and its relationship to the Solar Plexus and the World within….

Week 3 – DMP @ Work…..

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

I felt I NEEDED to check in and share an very amazing thing that just happened to me today which I attribute directly to the developing connection with the “Source that Never Sleeps”… 

There is a cafe that I spend tonnes of time in here in Beautiful Oakville Ontario. I’ve seen the same gentleman coming in for the last 6 or 8 months here and never really had the inclination to start up a conversation with him.  I’m gonna hit the pause button here for a second and share a small blurb from my current DMP….

“I feel a deep sense of fulfillment building and peeking into April 2017 as I develop connections to a close-knit community that share my drive for Spiritual Growth, through the shared investigation of individual spiritual Truth’s.”

So this morning I come into the cafe and there he is sitting down at a table grabbing a coffee.. We start sharing our stories. It turns out he is a pastor at a church up the street, and he invited me up to his church to have a look and check things out.  I am by no means a religious individual, but I am a spiritual individual with a deep respect for everyone’s own belief’s if my journey takes me to a church, then that is where I will go… it doesn’t even mean I have to agree with everything, but the people.. the connection the shared experience.. that is important to me...

As soon as he started talking and inviting me, I got this flash connecting to my DMP… Subby is saying.. “here you go… start here!!!!” My own personal savant connected managing over 3 Billion neurons is really starting to get to work on manifesting my emotionally charged DMP!!!! 🙂  We ended up talking for almost an hour, sharing our own beliefs… agreeing to disagree in some spaces… seeing commonality where there was some… but I will say that through my connection with this man I did start seeing things from another perspective!