A year later and…..

After the course completed last year in March 2017, I found myself with drawling from the community. The MKMMA definitely changed my life forever for the better. I can remember it was mentioned in the course that as you go through the process you will find yourself re-evaluating your Personal Pivotal needs as well as what your definite major purpose is. This process has continued for me as I’ve gone on with my life.

I know one of the primary goals was to create a group of self directed thinkers that are willing to take their own evolution by the horns and not be afraid to truly figure out what they love to do.

I can say the harmony from the course has created a harmonic resonance in myself.  I’ve spent the last 18 years of my life in a career that has highly been involved with Computers, Technology, Telecommunications and Networking.  Over the past 3 my interest has narrowed into becoming more of a Computing Consultant… I have had all of these grand plans… and somehow all of those grand plans never came to fruition.  There was always something that got in the way. I would say the biggest thing that got in the way was me and what I had in-between my own ears.

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“Today my old skin has become as dust. I will walk tall among men and they will
know me not, for today I am a new man, with a new life.”

I’ve found myself torn over the past year in an attempt to balance all of the sphere’s of my life. I finally hit a huge shifting point last week.  You know how sometimes we just need to be in the right place in our lives in order to be able to make a shift?  I realize with the shift that I am going through… I am truly a new man.. with a new life …

Are you ready to cry??

I’ve started to watch a vlog called Nas Daily.  He had posted a video called “Are you ready to cry?” I’ve linked the video in the title.. it only takes a minute to watch. Its on Facebook, so If you don’t have an account you might have a little difficulty watching it.  The premise is, if you want to do something… how far are you willing to go? Are you willing to fail and continue.. are you prepared to have many hard days and nights… are you willing to Cry for what you are doing and continue?  If the answer is no.. then you need to find something else…

I also started to reflect on the idea… what would it take for someone to drop everything they were doing, to stop procrastinating to be entirely present in a moment?  What scenario would it take you to be so passionate about something that you were willing not to procrastinate to get it done…  I’ll give you an example… we live our lives… when someone that we love very much gets sick many of us will drop everything to deal with that. We will struggle through tears, we will leave our jobs we will do anything we can because of how important they are in our lives.

I’ve been working hard to setup the tools I need to work with a Calendar, Task list as well as time blocking in my life.  Its taken me a while to struggle with my old blue print and develop a new set of habits that works for me (Its still a work in progress.. but isn’t it always.. 🙂 ) But the one foundation of that is learning to treat your time as Sacred.   I know Mark J covers OATS and talks about how we make our family’s a priority when we are setting up our schedule. There is another lady who does a really good job covering the topic as well that I enjoyed listening to by the name of Tracy Hensel.

She has done an excellent job setting up a working schedule with her family as well as managing her time effectively.  For me the issue has become about learning to really see and feel that my time is Sacred. As well as manage it effectively.

I had begun to look at my scheduling from a different set of eyes. I begin to ask myself… What was I willing to Cry for… that I considered sacred… that I would not procrastinate with.  My own truth led me to realize there has been a lack of conviction in my life about where I am going and what I am doing.  That is why there has been so much procrastination in my own life.

To much on the go….

A few weeks ago I was attending a weekly Business Acceleration workshop. The speaker talked about how We need to pick a series of actions and repeat those actions to completion.  I have had a habit of being very scattered and putting a lot on my plate. Being as stubborn as I can be I always told myself that I would try harder to bring it all together.

I know that I have to make some choices and I need to make a decision to back away from some things to truly focus on what my main thing is.  But I think it also forces me to reconsider what that main thing actually is…  My goal over the coming week is to revamp my DMP, create an updated movie poster snap shot that is sync’ed up with my DMP and lock onto that is with a razor focus with clearing out a lot of the noise I think I may be experiencing. I am really working on finding out what I am really truly passionate about(its funny how we think we know.. but then realize something more about ourselves as we evolve), what I am willing to cry for and what I am willing to cut out the procrastination for.  Maybe this is something that is still hiding behind a piece of that clay covering my golden statue.