Week 23-24: DMP Manifesting all around me…..

Its Sunday Morning (EST) and we are just about to have the final course webinar for the Master Key Mastermind for MKE 2016 /2017….

My DMP is in full swing for fulfillment… all the parts are working together in tandem in a progression that has been formulated by mysterious source that never sleeps to ensure a measure of effortless success….

Story 1

Back Oct 2016… I decided I needed to get a part time job to help thread the needle and prime the pump to get my life flowing in the direction that I needed to. I started a part time job in which I ascertained I needed a minimum of 15 hours a week.  In January My hours were between 10-12 hours a week so I made the decision to find another part time job. The only precursor is that the process had to be effortless.


So the first week I decided I was going to make one resume and apply for 3 jobs. If that did not yield results I was to create a new resume and apply for 3 more jobs.  The process would be performed until I had a job.  First resume I drafted was for grocery / convenience stores. The first I dropped off was at a local super market here called Sobey’s.. the second was at a Grocery store a few miles away called Metro.  The 3rd hadn’t been decided yet at the time.  I dropped off the resume on Wednesday.   I was told to come back for an interview on Saturday.  The second resume I dropped off I never heard a response from.  I went to my interview on the Saturday and told them what I required. Which is a part time job for between 6 months and 1 year…  for me to get my entrepreneurial pursuits off the ground.  They said they required someone who had the intention on staying that they planned on investing a lot of time an energy in.  I thanked them for their time but we both agreed that this was not going to be a harmonious situation. The interview was over in about 10 minutes or less.

After leaving the interview I asked myself “How much better can things get that this and What else is Possible? ” … within a few minutes I had an idea that I should go up the street and apply for a job up at the local 7-Eleven.  I walked up that Saturday afternoon. I was told to come in on Monday for an interview.  I was offered the job Right then and there.  It was truly a very effortless process

I’ve been noticing with myself that life is really becoming quick paced and intense.. I am Man jump through the gap. Element of design.so focused on my process that I’ve been letting that good old blue print to get its two cents in and take me away from being as true the course material as I have been.  My focus now has become to adopt an attitude of self reliance and keeping the tools that I have been given in good standing order and adopt them for my own purposes as I forge along ahead as I move manifest my goals in my definite major purpose.


Story 2

The new job I started has a dress code. Ideally they want us wearing black pants and black shoes. So I went to the local Good Will to pick up some work pants that I could use.  The first pair I tried on when I get home.. I noticed didn’t have any belt loops!!!! A pair of dress pants with no belt loops.. I found that very strange. I started to check all my pockets and I found a $20 dollar bill in my back left pocket!!!!!!!

I find after 6 months ” Do it now” is something that has been truly taken to heart…. ” I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious & happy” is something that is flowing through my brain every day automatically.

Haanel Week 24 – 15

All thought is a form of energy, a rate of vibration, but a thought of the Truth is the highest rate of vibration known and consequently destroys every form of error in exactly the same way that light destroys darkness; no form of error can exist when the “Truth” appears, so that your entire mental work consists in coming into an understanding of the Truth. This will enable you to overcome every form of lack, limitation or disease of any kind.

lit candleThe past 6 months have imbued me with a knowledge and confidence in my life and where I am going in my life that I’ve never had before. I know that finding my truths has been such a critical part of this transformation. I know where I am going in my life now.. I know what I feel passion about and this has resulted in an unbelievable happiness in my life. I truly feel the lack and limitation of all kinds falling away in my life as I move forward.

Today it really is a commencement. This is the first day of the rest of my life and seeing what has been available to us as the result of becoming alumni members of the Master Keys program it starts a process that will just continue to get better and better as time goes on.

I am very much looking forward to becoming a lifetime member and continuing onto the guide training in the future.

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