Week 19 – The Power of Doing

I consider myself back on track and back with the program in terms of my daily habits of working with the course material.  The sit has become something that is a necessity for me and its always something I look forward to… Never are their two sits alike…. sometimes a chime goes on in my head after about 10 minutes saying that’s enough.. other times I end up spending over an hour or more in quiet contemplation… and sometimes I fall asleep…. but I always derive some value, put something new together and progress in some way shape or form.  There is the occasional day where I have missed it… and with that I do feel the ramifications of doing so… I always feel more grounded and more connected with it being part of my day.

compassI have been really thinking about the connection between the allegory relating to the impact our actions have in terms of empowering ourselves to move through life. I have begun to think of everything in my life as a progression. The one thing that Mark has done is made the designs of his progressions very well known.  This has been a very instrumental tool that I have used to reach my current level of understanding.   I am beginning to see my life as a series of intertwined progressions each contributing to a outcome that I can never really truly be aware of.   I can’t even tell you that I know how I’m going to get to where I am decide to go.  What I can tell you for sure… Is I didn’t know how I was gonna get to where I thought I was going to go before… the only difference is I no longer have the expectation I once did.  Because when I reflect on my life… there are many scenarios in which I could not tell you one year from the next that I could picture with any level of certainty that I knew I was going to be where I was going to be.  This really is simply living my life by the compass…  The destination is what has been set forth by my DMP.

There are many things I am grateful for in this course.  The one gratitude I am focused on 12d0ce6ba1effb0f6b3d4253edc61f6fin this moment is how Mark, Daveen, my Tribe & The Master Keys team is how they have returned the magic and mystery to my life.  I’m returning to that state in which not only am I happier.. but I am also seeing how there can’t possibly be an expectation… that I will simply never comprehend the mysterious source that never sleeps.  I’ve become vitally aware of my roll as the Champion and Gate Keeper of my subconscious… I know that its still a work in progress as it always will be really.. but I know through the law of growth I will become more adept in my process and craft as time moves on.

static-analysis-dynamic-analysisI am actually in total awe at how this knowledge of I have gained is unfolding into my life. Things simply make sense.  I know that these rules are devoid of religion or creed.. that they can be applied to anyone in any walk of life.  To me its not so much of  a question of any totality of divine power but more so understanding our role in whatever our belief system is… it helps us simply be a more effective force for good and our role as being this being that translates the static mind to dynamic mind through our thoughts which are in turned empowered by our actions.

The true power exists in making a habit of acting in accord with both natural law and our own definite major purpose.  Through being in phase with the plan that has been germinated by our thoughts an beliefs and fed and nurtured with our emotions.  I am seeing it kind of like the way an engineer or a technologist would build a circuit.  They would carefully select all their components to achieve the currency, voltages, phase, frequency and Power they desire then they would apply the necessary source to the circuit to achieve the desired result.

489264-image0For us this power is our action. It is simply the thing that does.  When we do.. we close the circuit with energy required to power the device that we have designed in our world within. The end result is the desired parameters we have defined.  We do not need to understand how all the components work. We simply trust that they have been designed to spec and that they will do what they have been designed to do.  This is exactly what we must do in our life.  We must trust that the natural laws and principles which are the components that have been designed for us. Are in spec to build a system that will achieve what we desire. We must build it with care and use well designed components.  We may not even understand what we need it to do right from the start. But from applying the law of grow eventually we will.  It may take a while.. We may need to go back to the drawing board but if we persist we will succeed.

This week has given me a clarity in where I need to go from here in terms of furthering my victory of being that Champion and Gate keeper. I have identified the area’s in my life that I must disconnect myself from. As I stop acting in harmony with these area’s I will be effectively removing the power they have in my life. Through that eventually those circuits will cease to exist… They will become overgrown.. or perhaps even cannibalized to build into the progressions in which I am headed.  In turn as I do this…. my circumstances, the people I connect with.. and the equilibrium in my life will change.  The energy in my life will just no longer sustain with those that are a reflection of the direction I am coming from.  It is the same as when it was discussed about the aphids Leaving the flowers when they began to dry up.  We will always instinctively travel to places that will be in line and in harmony with our experiences.  This goes for us too.. As we change we will notice that the people we attract change… Sometimes the challenge is simply staying out of the way of what the Subconscious is providing us!

I’m very much looking forward to the Webinar tomorrow….. It will be great to connect with my MKMMA family on that level again. Hope everyone is having an incredible weekend!!!



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