Week 15- In Sight Full, In Full Sight

I didn’t cover this in my blog entry for the week… but I have been feeling this exact same sense… this need to hunker down and apply what To launch my own Blitzkreig! Thank you very Much Jessica for sharing this with us!!!!

Master of My Own Keyngdom

This is my favorite definition of insight. I found it on dictionary.com:

an instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding.
Apprehending? HA! Like something you have to chase down?! An elusive mythical creature that taunts you in your dreams and in your imagination. Yup that’s right. Not just gonna walk through the front door with gifts in arm. You gotta work for that insight. You gotta consciously take steps toward that coy critter. You must orchestrate a blitzkreig on yourself, form a plan of action and carry forth with courage! Build a strong blind up in the trees of your habit forming mind and stock it with provisions and #MKMMA tools and Sit up there, and you Sit and you Sit. You do some exercises and you Sit some more until your belly grubbles and your mouth is parched, the temperature drops and the…

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