Week 15 – The Magic and the Magnifying Glass

magnifyingglass2So right now I have a part time job at a convenience store.  I am a morning person. The owner of the store is not. I am getting into this routine where I open the store at about 9am. The owner comes in later on in the afternoon. This morning a man comes into the store and he was looking for the Toronto Sun news paper (I live in Oakville Ontario) for some reason no Sun’s had been delivered to the area today. After he asks me for the paper… we spent a little bit of time gabbing a little bit. He stands around for about 10-15 minutes and I begin pay closer attention to him thinking to myself there must be a message here for me.  After standing around.. what does he purchase…. A MAGNIFYING GLASS!!!!… out of all the things he could have purchased in the store… and seeing as this week is about insight I thought this was an amazing gift to receive such a Harmonious experience in my life.  That is going on my Gratitude card for today.  I spent the rest of the day seeing repeating sequences of numbers 111 1414 222 I got 3 5’s for change 555… 3.33 in change…. That mysterious source that never sleeps had was showing me the love today…..

4 thoughts on “Week 15 – The Magic and the Magnifying Glass

  1. Awesome Jeanne. Isn’t it fun when you become aware of all the little things that have always been floating around in your life, but you’ve never noticed? Peace be the journey!


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