Week 10 – Feeling the layers fall away….

All I got to say about this week is wow…. I’m a little sluggish right now as I am really trying to orient myself again with the results of being furnished with yet another layer of the right principles! I wanted to start this weeks blog post with a quote from Master Key’s Week 10…

15. The great error of the present day is the idea that Man has to originate the
intelligence whereby the Infinite can proceed to bring about a specific purpose
or result. Nothing of this kind is necessary; the Universal Mind can be
depended upon to find the ways and means for bringing about any necessary
manifestation. We must, however, create the ideal, and this ideal should be

iceburgReading this words triggered what I feel to be a huge Iceberg of concrete falling away from me and plunging into the waters of my life thereby creating huge waves in every direction conceivable. There was a part of me there…. and poof.. now its gone… I’m a little bit lost and disoriented at the moment in my life because with the absence of this my entire thinking process has once again began to take a huge huge shift!!!!  I find now that I no longer need to focus on accumulating all this knowledge my focus is truly on creating and manifesting my ideals….

I find myself looking at my life through a new set of eyes yet again.  A little bit more clumsy… a little bit less rehearsed… not always having exactly the right thing to say. Realizing that all of these pieces of me were part of my old blueprint needing to be absolutely perfect in order to be ‘accepted’ by those around him. I feel a little bit more organic.. a little bit more of me… I  little bit more of that “I AM” shining out into the cosmos as that concrete now exists only in my past.

I realize I don’t need to be the guy that always needs to formulate the perfect answer.  I don’t need to be the guy who has an end to end solution. I don’t need to be the guy who is gonna hold onto and measure how he feels and his keeps his opinions about anyone and everyone. There is a whole layer of me that was doing this unconsciously even when I thought that I wasn’t.. I really was…

sunset-person-spreading-arms-freedom-and-joyI am really starting to see how much energy I was investing just to keep that shell functioning deep inside me. How it was always there.. always running… how it would drain me and why I would need to recharge because of it.  Every opinion.. every judgement.. every idea we have.. every single judgement we make and we hold onto is law of association.. its existence takes something from us.. it robs us of momentum.. takes our eye off the ball and and reduces the amount of time we are focusing on bringing about the manifestation of those perfect ideals necessary to effortlessly manifest our true purpose in life.

smart-food-substitutions-mediumI find this week its easier to focus on the daily tasks I need to perform… my subby has them indexed as a top priority.. as soon as I go for a walk… I get ‘do it now’ popping up in my minds eye… “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious & happy” a mantra that is never to far from being repeated in my mind specially when those negative thoughts start to creep in. Simply by using the law of substitution… I notice there is a huge conservation of energy because of that backslide that NEVER takes place as a result of preventing that thought process from wrapping its hands around my minds eye…

I don’t know where this is all headed for me… but the transformation has been incredible. I feel so much more empowered not being encumbered by the constant need to fashion my brain with all the knowledge and information I used to think I needed just to be who I was. Now I am more of me.. I am excited see us move forwards specially knowing that we aren’t even 1/2 way through yet and this transformation has been so incredible!!!!

I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine for a few weeks before Christmas and New Years with the Webinar’s… Although I found that I really wasn’t any less busy during the break.. I think in fact I’ve been more busy putting my own brand of Hard mental labor into this process of self discovery and transformation.