Week 12 – End of Week Reflections

I am really finding it hard to express the state that I am going through right now. I’m hoping that as I continue with this blog post it will continue to percolate from the mysterious source that never sleeps … into my conscious mind and then manifesting itself in this blog post.

I feel this is a tipping point for me in my life.  Its that point where I either start sliding backwards into the gully behind me.. or move forward with that enthusiastic momentum into the next progression in my life. I can tell you that it is my choice to DO IT NOW with respect to moving forward so there is sense of Victory with all of this. 

The wizard of oz is a timeless classic… and I’m thinking most of us have seen it or generally know movie well enough to make a reference to it. For those who have not see it I’m going to describe the one scene I’m thinking about the best I can in the movie.

Dorthy finds herself and her house magically whisked away in a freak tornado. Somehow this storm ripped it off its foundations and sent into the land of oz where she is now trapped.  Trying to find her way home she is told about this great Wizard. Thus the movie “The Wizard of Oz”  She must follow this yellow brick road to the capital city in which the Wizard is supposed to reside. When she reaches the destination and meets this all powerful wizard… She soon finds most all this magic of this wizard is smoke and Mirror’s… She has spent all this time and effort to… meet a man… and in the end she finds that the true power for her to find her way home was with her all the time.. She just had to make the choice. Watching her discover that the wizard was just a man playing tricks with smoke and mirrors… she reaches a point where there is a disappointment when she realizes exactly who this Wizard really was…..

This week I realized that I have been looking for the Wizard through trying to use the world without to try to moderate and modulate my World Within.  I looked at the world with this mysterious hope… thinking that if I looked outside of myself.. somewhere I would find the solutions to all my obstacles in my life.   The progression up to this very moment has shown me through direct experience that all of my challenges and road blocks in life can be resolved through the continued progression through building the tools I have been shown and will be shown in the Master Keys course. To look in the world without for these solutions is backwards and any chance that I desire in my life can be achieved through the Habits, Hard Mental Labor and Doing what needs to be done.  Right now I feel like Dorthy who has seen the man behind the curtain for her first time with her own eyes. Realizing that all of the smoke and mirrors were the result of my world within manifesting the world without.  Even when my actions result in an undesirable consequence… the design is still perfect because it is what I have created.. 

I love to Latin Dance, and last night I wasn’t planning on going to because I wanted to focus on some DMP related activities, but I was at my usually hangout spot which hosts Latin Dancing Activities every Saturday.  I have been working diligently on an activity where I have 6 shapes and not 4.  Each of the 6 shapes targets one specific area of my Definite major purpose.  The focus of this activity is to figure out the finger print of the emotion associated with each shape. The truest emotion that I can call on at any time to feel with that enthusiasm I need based on the law of subconscious.

Law of Subconscious
As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand
and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand ~ accessing a
reservoir of infinite resources.

So with all the work that I have been doing … I noticed that it was like I was living a different life. People were treating me in a way that I had never had experienced before. It wasn’t just a few things it was the entire experience all together.  This was the first time in my life that I really took a step back and realized how important it was to remove expectation from my life and just let the things unfold the way they were meant to.  Consequently I probably had one of the best nights that I have had in a long long time. It was a really great affirmation to solidify all the work that we have been doing here. It truly makes me realize how very important these progressions are and how amazing the material has been that has been put together for us here in the mastermind.  I feel there is a vacuum or a void right now that needs to be addressed in my life. My old habits of looking at the world without for solutions just lost a great deal of momentum. There are a new series of habits that need to be adjusted in order for me to properly replace the old. This is an exciting time.

Following up from my earlier blog post this week. I completed my new DMP focused around my New PPN’s.. and I will updating all of my material this week in accordance with this through out the beginning of this upcoming week.. Including my Movie Poster which I will be sharing.  I do feel there is a sense of calm that has manifested as a result of me reaching this point in my process. I see a growing eloquence in the design of what I am building. But I have also realized that there have been certain goals in my DMP that I were already reached.  They have become a part of my daily life… so I was able to change the entire balance of my DMP to reflect this.

One thought on “Week 12 – End of Week Reflections

  1. Wow! This is a Fantastically Exciting post! Great Job! Many of your words ring true in my current Experience as well. We are ALL IN this same boat together. I Love it! Gaining Liberty by the day… 🙂


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