Week 11 – Reflections Approaching The End of the week….

*Breaths Deep and Exhales…* “I am whole, perfect.. strong, powerful… loving, harmonious and happy”

The beauty of having a mastermind is the ability to not only share, but to capture and snapshot not only the essence of what I am consciously aware of… but to become consciously aware of what I am currently not aware of and let that amplify the beauty of the lessons learned as they are shared.  I feel as though when we all work together and are connected to the same ideal. Through being consciously aware and keeping tuned into the revelations and experiences of others. We really are connecting to other dimensions of what we are coming to realize too.

On Wed I had an absolutely amazing meeting with my Tribe… Gina, Scott, Robert and myself were all able to attend. We discussed the implications of keeping our group together even after the course runs to completion.   The idea of having my tribe with me for the long haul I find deeply touching and deeply satisfying.. knowing we can share and grow together not just now but as life continues to grow and progress is truly amazing.
roller-coaster-track-colossial-coaster-g4ltg0-clipartI would say this week has probably been the hardest part of the roller-coaster ride to date… the ups and downs.. spills and chills the yo-yo affect of emotions as the old blueprint struggles for its own survival and dominance and my brain screams at me as the pain of with drawl from change in peptide levels its getting…. Wait a second? I’m used of being unhappy… c’mon…give me more of that mix.. I’m need to to feel normal!!!!!!  I’m quickly realizing one of the things I must truly master is that this thing we call ‘normal’.. that is done… its over with… its soooo…. 11 weeks ago…..

I really felt the need to touch base and connect with the MKMMA world today. As I am hurtled along this course of self discovery and personal evolution I am realizing its not just a process of my own self discovery and growth, but its also a process of learning how this evolving version of myself and my future self connects to the world around me. In this weeks lesson there is mention about the reactions that take place between two people that enter into a partnership and the resulting reactions that take place.  During my sits I’ve been getting a better picture of what that truly means for all of us.

Being truly in tune with who we are. Truly being focused on the manifestation of our passion and purpose. Charging our thoughts and beliefs with the powerful emotions of joy and love attached the the achievements we have waiting for us…. This is the best way to create that unstoppable attractive force that will translate from the world within to the world without….. Naturally this must be coupled with “Do it now!” as without action things idea’s will continue to stick and cling to use and keep the dynamo from doing what it needs to do!

But we all must be aware of how “us becoming more of us” affects those around us and antmanhow by us becoming polarized with affects our interactions and connections with others. As we continue to refine our being through hard mental labor… we increase fidelity, strength and amplitude of the signal emanating from who we are.. and the attractive force that comes coupled with it.  As we begin to attract more of this stuff… we have to give it space to unfold, we need to surrender to the process and simply focus on what our main job is… to be the Champion and Gatekeeper of that Powerful beyond comprehension subby and let it do what the universe designed it to do…!   As we do this ‘I am’ will interact with other selves other selves will interact with us and we do not have any control over that process that takes place. Because I am… is in touch with I am… creating that energetic interaction that is helping things to effortlessly unfold based on the thoughts and beliefs we have charged with emotion! Those meant to interact will do so. Those who aren’t.. won’t… and those that do with interact in the way it was meant to unfold. We cannot even begin to comprehend the complexity and vastness of this … this is our Billions and Trillions of cells working to bring into Harmony what we create….

giving-nature-its-space-to-unfold-in-jasmund-national-parkI am becoming aware of how important it is to give the space to allow those who we react in our lives to react with us in the most organic ways.   In reflecting in my personal relationships… I have noticed how there was a resistance to that. Old Blue print always had me trying to control the nature of how people were reacting in my world within which translated to my experiences with them in my world without.  Assigning judgement to whether their actions were acceptable.  Letting that affect my interactions with those closest to me.  Telling people how things should be done instead of letting them do what no-gavelthey needed to do. This was a source of a lot of friction in my life and upon reflection, this created a lot of turmoil and my life and fed an entire energy structure I constantly had to maintain. Essentially it was like creating a monetary system for an entire world!  The World within!

As I the sun continues to shine and the day continues to unfold on this Wintry Friday. I feel the lights dimming in this control center of this Monetary system. No more do I need hqdefaultto constantly control how I feel about my reactions to everything and everyone.  No more do I need to create a feedback loop into the world within based on my opinion about every wrecking-ball-crane-gif-wreckingballlittle thing people say and do in my life.  The clean up crew is there… tearing down the control terminals… the desks.. the mainframes… the phone system… no more do I need this currency to control my life and interfere with the reactions of those around me.  The wrecking ball.. the bulldozers… the dump trucks are all waiting to tear down the building that once stood on high alert 24/7… I will do this.. action a when this person does this or action b if they do that….. oh.. this person said that.. how do I feel about?…   oh right…. I need to do my afternoon reading…  Do it now…. I can be what I will to be…..  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy.

broadcloth2We attract the highest ideal when we weave into our world the highest quality of broadcloth. We have not a second.. not a moment.. not a day… for those things that do not contribute to us achieving our definite major purpose or enhance and benefit those in the world around us.  We do not engage in opinion.. or judgement… we focus on living this day with love in our hearts…. we adopt and maintain amazing habits and become their slaves and no matter what.. even in times of despair …. we will persist until we succeed…..  This is how life becomes abundant and effortless…. this is how we give ourselves the energy we need to perpetuate this cycle in our lives…  We maintain the roll of being the Champion and Gatekeeper of our world within…….  downloadCongratulations MKMMA world… you are almost done Week 11…. only 11 weeks.. and we’ve come so far….  You have got this!  You are rocking it… and I am absolutely privileged and happy to have all of you connected to me in this mastermind and sharing this journey.  Thank you!




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