Week 11 – Balance Time & Induction Oh my! You sunk my battleship….

I have been thinking a lot about the mental diet and how it has been transforming my life. In being accountable for my thought processes and resisting the temptation to indulge in a diet rich in opinions about things have no ramification on my own true happiness, passion logo-transand purpose… I have inadvertently been putting a stop to the hard mental labor that went into preventing Lavish abundance from simply just happening in my life and been replacing it with habits of hard mental labor that create a surface for this Abundance to perpetually manifest in my life.

I am consciously aware that this Lavish Abundance may take many forms in my life… lately its been nuggets of information and self realization that are sturdy.. well thought out.. emotionally charged by my daily mental exercise and thus easy and a pleasure to execute and begin to form. Maybe nugget is the wrong word…. I will change that to seed. Seeds that are ready to be planted in fertile soil that my mind has been progressively tilling over the last 11 weeks.


Between last night and this morning I have becoming increasingly aware of the situations I am choosing to spend time investing in.  If situation a.. or b.. or c… doesn’t have any connection to my passion and purpose in life.  If it does not contribute to making the ikepod-hourglass-6world a better place… most importantly if it does not allow me to continue my journey to refine my world within.. or represents a phase in my life that I have moved past already.  Should I invest 1 moment? 1 second…? 1 fleeting thought ?  If it does not represent an investment in me becoming this new me… if it goes against this new me… is it not a travesty to invest one of my most prized currencies… my time… in this or these fruitless pursuits.  Does this not so clearly define how important the roll of being the ‘Gate keeper’ of my subconscious really truly is?   We can spend a life time trapped in pursuits that are simple harmonics of laws of various associations we have in our lives.  Every second we spend towards our goals.. every moment… every repetition.. iteration.. cycle… every key stroke… every word we hear.. every image we see.. every thought we have can be tallied up at the end our days weeks months and years as looked… where has all this energy taken us.. has it made our lives better? Have we achieved our passion and true purpose??? Do we even know what our passion and purpose is? Are we happy? Are we fulfilled??

The world owe’s us nothing… and we owe the world nothing… but what we create.. the world we build in our world within… this is what defines what our experiences will be in life as we move forward.  Its okay to simply drop the mic and walk out of an experience 15327531_1009122529199288_1647680439_nthat no longer serves us.  Its okay just to simply not have an opinion. Its okay just to move away and eliminate any thought that does not serve us serving the world.  Because by being truly in service to the universe/god/higher power… That will help the world around us so very much more than being in a state that is not considered in Harmony.. or missing the mark of manifesting our True Passion and Purpose.

I have started to realize that we are also furnished lavishly with time.  Its all about how well we use our time.  Through this lavish allotment we can change the world, we can truly achieve our personal pivotal needs as well as our Definite Major Purpose.  It can be done quickly.. and effortlessly and eloquently if we furnish our mind with the best energy.. the highest intent and habits that will get us there.  We must make time to do the things that reinforce us. If it is written.. we must be true to it.  If it is your word.. it is your bond.. it is written.. it is done.  Being honest with ourselves and setting aside goals that are a true reflection of who we are has been a skill that his been progressively built in us over the last 11 weeks.. I feel that will only become easier and more effortless with time as we continue to get to know ourselves and become acquainted with the version of us that is entire harmony with the blueprint we are building.

As I get more acquainted with this new me that is beginning to percolate in my own life. I feel there is a sense of focus and attention to detail that I have never manifested before in my life. The new me actually needs to pay more attention to making sure he is scheduling how_to_balance-600x337in time to do things like yoga… stretching.. relaxing.. dancing… because the focus that I have now razor sharp… I persist until things are done… and if I’m not careful I will over extend my energy and effort…  Its no wonder that one of my main criteria in my life now is Balance…  They key is balance for me.. balance of my true passion and purpose..  I cannot create a world within of imbalance and expect to gain balance from it. That which we focus on grows right?  If we build a life of imbalance.. the only way to continue is to continue what we build.  Do it now! Do it now!.. build the life now! not later.. do not procrastinate and leave a tab for the future Me to pick up!  So I promise I will make more time to Dance.. more time to relax.. more time to do yoga… more time to a take time with myself and for myself… more time to make sure I maintain Total Health is one of my PPN’s…. As well I promise to do any of the Hard Mental labor involved to enforce the percolation of that Lavish Abundance happening in the process!

The Master Key’s lesson from Week 11 starts out with the following 2 points:

1.  Inductive reasoning is the process of the objective mind by which we compare a
number of separate instances with one another until we see the common factor that
gives rise to them all.

2.  Induction proceeds by comparison of facts; it is this method of studying nature
which has resulted in the discovery of a reign of law which has marked an epoch in
human progress.

I wanted to follow the wise words of the Fabulous Davene here and head into to definition mode with respect to the word Induction…. So what do we have online for the word induction??


Doing a Google search on the origin of the word ‘induction’ has the following derivative..

late Middle English: from Latin inductio(n-), from the verb inducere ‘lead into’

Dictionary.com has the following definition

1. the act of inducing, bringing about, or causing:

induction of the hypnotic state.
2. the act of inducting; introduction; initiation.
There is a reference of induction in terms of Electrical Terminology as well…

Electricity, Magnetism. the process by which a body having electric or magnetic properties produces magnetism, an electric charge, or an electromotive force in a neighboring body without contact. Compare electromagnetic induction, electrostatic induction.

Another application of this would be inductive heating….


Induction heating is the process of heating an electrically conducting object (usually a metal) by electromagnetic induction, through heat generated in the object by eddy currents (also called Foucault currents). An induction heater consists of an electromagnet, and an electronic oscillator that passes a high-frequency alternating current (AC) through the electromagnet. The rapidly alternating magnetic field penetrates the object, generating electric currents inside the conductor called eddy currents. The eddy currents flowing through the resistance of the material heat it by Joule heating. In ferromagnetic (and ferrimagnetic) materials like iron, heat may also be generated by magnetic hysteresis losses. The frequency of current used depends on the object size, material type, coupling (between the work coil and the object to be heated) and the penetration depth.

An important feature of the induction heating process is that the heat is generated inside the object itself, instead of by an external heat source via heat conduction. Thus objects can be heated very rapidly. In addition there need not be any external contact, which can be important where contamination is an issue. Induction heating is used in many industrial processes, such as heat treatment in metallurgy, Czochralski crystal growth and zone refining used in the semiconductor industry, and to melt refractory metals which require very high temperatures. It is also used in induction cooktops for heating containers of food; this is called induction cooking.

I know I can think of many occasions in which there was a time in which I picked up on a feeling that I experienced based on something that induced a response in my mind and heart, based on how it has indirectly impacted me…..  The resultant from the experience rippled out changed the environment in the room I was in.  Was it just my perception? Was it a coincidence?  Or was it my mysterious source that never sleeps… affecting me in ways I do not comprehend stepping in and saying… “dude… did you just feel that?  ”

Who sunk my battleship???!?!?!?!

battleshipReflecting on all of the ideas and definitions of induction.  You can see how important this concept is and how often we actually use it in our daily lives… Even as  child playing the game would use inductive reasoning to sink an opponents armada in the game battleship.. Based on firing on a coordinate in the dark. Whether or not there was a hit or a miss based on inductive reasoning would decide on whether or not to keep firing in that general vicinity.  We are leading along our own reasoning based on whether or not we have hit something. I think in life we function the same way.  We know how things feel for us… and if there is an specific emotional response to something in our lives.. its a hit.. or a miss.   I think we learn to push other peoples buttons based on induction… but its through induction we can lead ourselves out of this mode of pushing other peoples buttons and to even learn to remove ourselves from rooms where buttons exist whether we push someones buttons or are having our buttons pushed!  Through induction.. do we not deduce solutions?  One does not need to know there is a source of heat in a room from touching a burner.. we can feel the heat radiating thus we deduce that the burner is hot.. maybe because we see it glowing red too.. based on our previous experience.  If we find ourselves in a room we have never been before.. we know there is a source of heat based on how hot the room is.  This is the same inductive process we learn to draw conclusions in ourselves.. We can deduce form previous experiences that there is a causal factor for something. We can then link this causal factor to multiple states… Through this we define the decisions we need to make to create the most harmonious changes.

Definition of Deduce

to derive as a conclusion from something known or assumed; infer:

Moving into the later half of Week 11

I have always been a person that has used deductive reasoning to figure out many things around me. What my deductive principles were missing was the solid principles that The Master Keys is furnishing me with.  I’ve noticed and felt things come together in such wonderful ways.  I am building a ROCK solid foundation in my life in which my passion and purpose can truly manifest in all the wonderful ways it was meant to.  I will be working hard toward implementing the solutions presented in the Digital Connections side of the Mastermind.  I plan on starting a Blog for my Network Marketing Business.. as well as for my Computing Business and designing a plan for each to deliver valued content for a growing subscriber base.  My goal for the end of the week is to have a Website template completed and in production that I can begin to connect the digital world.  I am going to continue the inductive process to investigate what is required to ensure balance in my life as I continue to get to know this New Me unfolding as I perpetually move forward to meeting the new versions of my future me down the road.  I am increasing the intensity of the interruption process. I will be linking emotion states to the colors and shapes associated with my Goals. I will be practicing the manifestation of associating these states and designing a series of exercises to entrain my emotions onto these states that I desire to manifest.

I will Persist and Succeed…..


7 thoughts on “Week 11 – Balance Time & Induction Oh my! You sunk my battleship….

    1. I am starting to feel how important it is to come in here and be faithful to the process of masterminding. I find I have a thought, but the thought can be fleeting in nature… if I don’t share it I may lose touch with this.. this way the lesson really gets driven home. Hope your having an awesome week Andrew!


  1. Well written. Lots of profound enlightenment going on. It reminds of a situation that happened to me this week, which before MKMMA I would have gotten sucked into the worm hole of negativity, since this has been a pattern with this person. But, this week, I smiled and quickly made a polite and thoughtful exit. All the time as I drove away wishing peace for this person. I am loving what we are learning in this MKMMA.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Learning to not dip our toe into the water is a huge thing. I would say I’ve gone from dipping my toe in 6 / 10 times.. to maybe dipping my toe in 3/10 times…. Technically that’s 1/2 the time.. so that represents a huge victory for me!!!…. It all a progression and learning to redistribute our essence as we continue to change the profile of who we are !

      Liked by 1 person

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