Week 9 – Epiphany During Morning Sit

This morning I would had what I call a “break through” in understanding my own personal relationship with my world within. I recall Davene mentioning through hard mental labor iwojima-trustgameand in stillness is where we find the keys to Idealization, Imagination and Visualization. I recall being confused by this… Yes.. but how do we visualize our world within.. and be still at the same time I asked myself?? It was something I struggled with but figured I’d give the process time to unfold for me…  I would have to say the key is trusting and surrendering to the process and not trying to control the aspect as it unfolds for us…

I usually allocate about 30-45 minutes for my morning sit. There is a short time in which I work to ‘get my sillies out’ where the mind is busy busy with idea’s and chatter and like a high-school principle at an assembly… my “I am” comes to the mic and says shhhhhhhhhh and all of the assembly goes from a dull chatter to stillness..

So in the 30-45 minutes I devote some time to absolute stillness.  I devote some time to the weekly goal. In week 9 we are focused on the visualization of our favorite flower de3b35ac9b900f6edb18177bd3e49d45growing from a seed. Becoming a little ‘plant-ling’ and then a budding flower… then a mature gorgeous flower blooming in harmony with universal design and its intended purpose.  In this visualization I went on to picture what the flower does after its completed its life cycle…. One of my favorite flowers is a dandelion. In my part of the world the Dandelion is so successful at what it does they blanket the landscape and lawns in the spring time.

Once it reaches its Apex it goes from being that bright yellow flower to that white bulb of dsc_0373_oduvanchikiseeds with their attached sail to take them out into the world to continue the life cycle. They are so successful that we consider them ‘weeds’ There roots burrow deep.. they have so many medicinal properties… I have come to deeply respect how that plant performs its function.  As I continued with the visualization.. I realized what I was watching unfold… A life cycle… and the law of growth.  af729b_e733318177234b529dcc6fc897be84a6What we focuses on grows.. but more so what we focus on grows and  MULTIPLIES PLENTUDIOUSLY if we give it the right focus love and care. If we give it the fertile mental soil for it to perform its function as the universal intelligence intended. 1 dandelion can become a sea of dandelions. As so above is so below.   As so with the world within.. is the world without. By investing in ourselves and doing the hard mental labor.. pretty soon our focus with not only create a beautiful flower… but that life with go forth and multiply across the land and create beauty every where we look.


My Epiphany

I was excited by this… that hard mental labor is finally starting to pay off!!!  I felt it was time to switch modes.  I began to focus on what my life looks like when my DMP has been fully manifested…. As I begin to visualize my mind started to chatter… it was like a huge burst of communicate was taking place… like a 3rd party hijacked my mind and was taking build-a-better-worldover the mic so to speak…. (I only realized afterwards that his was actually my Subby doing its thing) but as this happened I had the most vivid visualization I had ever had in my life.  I was at my future condo, outside by the lake… I jumped into the water.. I remember being annoyed because of that blurry sight you get when your looking underwater.  It was SO REAL! I felt the water on my face… i felt being immerse in the cold water.  Diving deep and coming up to a sand bar of sorts… This wasn’t my intended direction… I was just sorta shoved into to the water.. and found myself there…. Then it hit me….  I was tapping into the language of the world within.  I was connecting to the source that never sleeps and perceiving the ‘data’ with my conscious mind. I see it as noise and disjointed because its impossible for the conscious mind to begin to even fathom the amount of data and information the  unconscious mind uses to construct the world within… That one of the reason why we call it the mysterious source that never sleeps right?

242_01This would be like playing inside a house before the house is fully built.. only seeing bits and pieces of it.. maybe the plumping is missing.. or maybe a whole floor is missing.. This is happening on a global scale… but only internally… the WORLD within…  but only when we see the finished process do we understand the vastness of what is happening

5.jpgIn my stillness I was diving right in as the unconscious mind was building my world before my eyes… I was like a child checking to see if the seed was sprouted yet.  I was ‘playing in the mud’ while my subconscious began to erect vast landscapes vivid terrains….. and complex inter relationships with the world within based on what I was feeding it.  I even visualized hearing this little whisper… “Can’t you see I’m working here… I’m busy… just relax … you’ll see soon”… As I became aware of this…. my mind began to race… I saw images of my children… my son with a beard (he’s 12 now… so this is a future him)… I saw my kids arguing like they always do…. I saw my car.. my watch… my tailored suit.. my Partner sitting in the back with my daughter visiting as my son sat up in front and we were going some where… I felt a sense of peace and tranquility that I have never felt before inside all of this……

Then I felt myself get jolted into another plume of noise and disjointed chatter… realizing that I was connecting to the subconscious GOD code I call it now… I backed off and bajoran_wormholewatched this vast and in indecernable structure being build inside the underpinnings in my world within.  I simply just let it take shape.. as the structure completed I felt it melt into the landscape becoming again something my conscious mind cannot perceive….. I will say that each of us.. in putting in the mental hard labor.. will create a beautiful world within.. and all it requires is for us to the the CHAMPION and GATEKEEPER of our subconscious. To love ourselves first and foremost.. to nurture the world within and let our love shine. When we love our selves when we fulfill ourselves… that radiates outward and we begin to attract loving situations and loving relationships… The trick is not to get tricked into looking into the external circumstances and confusing them for where our focus needs to be.  We need to be fair with ourselves this is a process of unfolding and personal evolution. Any thing and everything that happens to us is because of what we have created for ourselves and in understanding this we can better key into taking responsibility and accountability for it.


15 thoughts on “Week 9 – Epiphany During Morning Sit

  1. Ahhh-MAAAZING! Blog ! I’m so excited for your revelations this week. I am (im)patiently my big moment to experience something like this. I think it’s time a do a little more “hard mental labor”. The alarm already goes off at 4:50 AM, but I think it’s time I see 4:30 a little more often and give myself more time to sit, and not rush through it. Maybe a little more time for the chatter to die down and really FOCUS! Way to go Dan; so very happy for you!! Keep on rocking it.

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    1. Heather,
      One nugget I think I can give you here… is listen to chatter that is going on in your head when you are in stillness… If you are like.. um.. What the heck am I thinking about this for? This has absolutely no connection rhythm or reason to where I am now… Then you are on the right path… when you are dipping into the Subby’s stuff you will pick it up as experiences that have no valid connection in your life… it would be like Trying to apply Computer code in a children’s book…. you will literally not be able to comprehend it.. This is why are dreams can be so crazy sometimes I think!!!

      I’ve actually started setting my alarm at 3:45 AM.. (seldom do I actually make it up that early) I pretty much need time to nap when I do make it up that early… But you keep on rocking it too Heather…. I Live this day with love in my heart… I SUCCEED!!!!!

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  2. And I thought setting my alarm at 6:30 a.m. was bad. You two are putting me to shame.
    Dan, this is an amazing blog. I can see why there are over 300 people following you. Just amazing. I will never look at dandelions the same again.
    Thank you for bringing my attention to your blog in the alliance area..

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  3. Great blog, I too am patiently waiting for my epiphany or an aha moment. I also do not have time for a morning sit so I sit after I get home from work and then it always seems rushed. I was thinking of adding another sit before bed and see what happens from there. Your blog has given me inspiration to do more. Thanks for the post

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  4. Congrats on an Absolutely Fantastic Blog! I can FEEL everything you are writing about. Diving right in…. those Sandbars are a very Magical place!!! 🙂 Throughout my life, I’ve written many a journal, and collected many a sand dollar, on so many of them!

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  5. I am also waiting for my epiphany. and sometimes I think I must be doing something wrong when I here the great things happening with others. I do not have time in the am to do a morning sit so I chose to do mine when I return from work. But I feel rushed while doing it. I have thought of adding a sit before bed to help the process but maybe the morning would be better. I appreciated reading your blog, it gives me inspiration needed to push a bit more.

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  6. I certainly agree with Heather – amazing writing and insights – this like made me smile so big “that radiates outward and we begin to attract loving situations and loving relationships” that is just gorgeous! Mahalo for sharing!

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