Week 8 – Trusting the path of Love…

In Week 8 I’ve really started to see some huge changes in how I feel deep and there is a sense of definition and understanding that I did not have before.  The observer in me is alive and well. I do find myself needing to restart the mental diet at least 6 or 7 times a day or more. But I find as I become more and more aware there are just some roads that I do not go down. Furthermore, I feel that each road I choose not to go down leaves me with so much more mental energy to achieve the various tasks that I have set myself to do.

hqdefaultWhile doing the meditation with the warship it became apparent at how epic of an exercise it really was. If you think about its not just the warship that we need to look at… its literally every person that worked on the building the warship. The manufacturers that created the parts. But then as the ship is out to sea there is the life path and blueprint of every single sailor on that ship and how each individual contributes to the readiness of the vessel.  I find my consciousness simply tracing an outline of everything involved… I truly think I could spend months and years on this exercise alone expanding my awareness further and further into all the directions that need to be examined thoroughly here.

When I intuitively explore the idea of what takes place when we fall prey to negativity in our lives I see how quickly the negative thought patterns can layer themselves and weigh us down.  We start with attracting someone that represents the current state of our blueprint and a negative experience in our lives.  Then the second layer would be the one where we choose to have a negative reaction.  Then the 3rd layer would be how we react a115f7b1b9fc3de82519b63475d7100aand what we sending into our world within which then is immediately reflected in the world without.   Then we get the reaction from the person we are having the interaction with and then the process continues layer upon layer.  Until we break the cycle loss will always bring in more loss.

I have held on strong to reading Scroll 2 three times a day. I feel it becomes so much more powerful when we change ‘will’ to am. That immediate manifestation of love in our lives.  “I Greet this day with love in my heart” … such a powerful set of words.   I cannot control 78fw2twthe actions of others… but I can be in control of my world within.  As I take responsibility, accountability and take charge of my world within I have been having full faith that the experiences I deal with will change. But furthermore… anyone that cannot process a me vibrating a more positive frequency in my life simply will cease to be a part of my life. The biggest challenge here for me has to become the person who is ready to let go of any and all of those elements that no longer serve my life path in order to make room for the new things that will serve.

I am watching my life unfold before my eyes in new ways that I could never have even begun to fathom. I am being connected to people and circumstances which have allowed me to gain a footing and build a momentum that are pushing me towards my Definite Major Purpose with an increasing momentum… I am very thankful for this process and I feel to be very fortunate to be surrounded by such a great team of people to help me adopt these new skills in my life. I am aligning myself closer and closer with my future self and it feels pretty amazing….

I hope everyone’s had  a great week!!! I am Looking forward to Sundays Webinar!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Week 8 – Trusting the path of Love…

  1. Dan, I just read several weeks’ worth of your blog posts and I am blown away! So many nuggets of wisdom, I can tell you are really diving into the material and really taking it in. I will be following your wisdom as we go forward. Very inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Thank you for the great feed back. Its such a validating experience to know that people can connect with what I am sharing and sit back and say… ohhh yeah.. I feel that way too.. or I get it….. I think it really shows how well we are all connected!!!! I look forward to hearing more from you!!! I hope you have amazing week!!


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