Week 8 – Computer Geeks Guide to Daily Reading

So… I can’t believe its already week 8. How is it that time has progressed so quickly?  Its amazing how quickly we can create change in our lives when we make a decision and feed and nourish our minds in the right way…

When we started this course Mark was pretty clear with the honor requirements. 2 Binders… 2 copies of Greatest Salesman… Coloring pencil’s etc… What I’ve noticed for myself is I have been reading right before I go to bed.. and right when I first wake up. So what I have done was compile a small folder folder that I can use that has all my material by my side when I go to bed.. and wake up.

For this week I have My DMP, Greatest Salesmen Scroll 2, Master Keys Week 8, Work Book Week 8, 7 Laws, The Guy in The glass, Compensation Essay and the Mental Diet document all collected foldertogether in one booklet. This makes it absolutely easy to make the reading right before bed as well as the reading first thing in the morning quick and easy.

I found that fumbling around with my binders as well as well as any loose leaf printouts as well as the queue cards just made it absolutely easy to get things lost and confused.   So I ended up getting a a clip board so i could mount all of my documents including a laminated copy of my Shapes to have laying around for to feed the subconscious mind whenever there is so much as a glance over at it.

clipboard-n-stuffSo once I am done with the weeks material, all documentation finds its way into my binders.  I just find for my life style now I am mobile for a lot of the day so its great to save the bag space. I was carrying my binders around and its made it UBER bulky for me in the past. Another handy little trick I’ve started to do is taking a picture of my Flash cards putting them into a document and setting each queue card to fill one page of a word document.  The converting that word document into a PDF File so then I can upload that file to my phone and scroll through the cards if I am out or at  my own leisure. If anyone needs a bit of help with that please get a hold of me if you like. Have a evening everyone!!



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