Week 7 / Week 8 – “You cannot make Broadcloth from Shoddy….”

This past week has been a struggle for me. Usually words come easy when it comes to Blog time but I haven’t been able to find the right words to convey the process that has been taking place through Week 7 into Week 8. This morning (Sunday Morning…) I was hidden with a sudden Epiphany for me…

Last weeks Webinar connected me with the idea of the importance of the forgiveness of others in my life and to truly open myself up to letting go.. I became aware of the Miriad of things that I had been holding onto and how it was slowing down to the beautiful process that is taking place in my life.  Any of the resentment we hold into is like a ball and chain for us in terms of allowing us to truly move on and become something else..

When it comes to relationships.. friendships… work… personal.. etc.. , I have found myself asking.. Why couldn’t things be different.. Why couldn’t have person A.. or Person B treated me different.. Why didn’t I act differently?  Why didn’t this work out differently.. Why was circumstance xyB so difficult… These things tend to way on my mind and seem to create a jerking motion as to where my own magnifier glass is supposed to be focusing…  I’ve noticed this during my moments of stillness… all of the sudden my mind is somewhere else and my observer is like.. “Hey YOU! get back here!!!!”….

The course material has communicated about how important focus is in our lives. So any time we are focusing on things that are counter productive to achieving our goals we are only slowing our momentum.  I have been finding myself getting STUCK in those situations where my mind wanders into those counter productive scenario’s….

Master Keys Week 7

13. Clearness and accuracy are obtained only by repeatedly having the image in
mind. Each repeated action renders the image more clear and accurate than the
preceding, and in proportion to the clearness and accuracy of the image will the
outward manifestation be. You must build it firmly and securely in your mental
world, the world within, before it can take form in the world without, and you can
build nothing of value, even in the mental world unless you have the proper
material. When you have the material you can build anything you wish, but make
sure of your material. You cannot make broadcloth from shoddy.

Every week I have one point from the Master keys that seems to hit me like a tonne of bricks. Unexpectedly for this week… the quote resounding in my brain.. the things that made things click into place was “You Cannot make Broadcloth from Shoddy”

Looking up Broadcloth.. here is what Wikipedia has to say:

Broadcloth is a dense, plain woven cloth, historically made of wool. Today, most broadcloth is cotton or a cotton blend.[1] The defining characteristic of Broadcloth is not its finished width, broadcloth2but the fact that it was woven much wider (typically 50 – 75% wider than its finished width) and then heavily milled (traditionally the cloth was worked by heavy wooden trip hammers in hot soapy water in order to shrink it) in order to reduce it to the required width. The effect of the milling process is to draw the yarns much closer together than could be achieved in the loom and allow the individual fibres of the wool to bind together in a felting process. This results in a dense, blind, face cloth with a stiff drape which is highly weather-resistant, hard wearing and capable of taking a cut edge without the need for being hemmed.

Now here is what Wikipedia has to say about Shoddy:

Shoddy – Recycled or re-manufactured wool. Historically generated from loosely woven materials. Benjamin Law invented shoddy and mungo, as such, in England in 1813. He was the first to organise, on a larger scale, the activity of taking old clothes and grinding them down into a fibrous state that could be re-spun into yarn. The shoddy industry was centered on the towns of Batley, Morley, Dewsbury and Ossett in West Yorkshire, and concentrated on the recovery of wool from rags. The importance shoddyof the industry can be gauged by the fact that even in 1860 the town of Batley was producing over 7000 tonnes of shoddy. At the time there were 80 firms employing a total of 550 people sorting the rags. These were then sold to shoddy manufacturers of which there were about 130 in the West Riding. Shoddy is inferior to the original wool; “shoddy” has come to mean “of poor quality” in general (not related to clothing), and the original meaning is largely obsolete.

So, you can’t make Broadcloth.. a superior fabric.. from Shoddy.. and inferior, chopped up.. ground recycled fabric… Why is this so significant for me in this case??  Because If I think about it… Every experience I have had is because it is something that I created. If I own this out right.. and say that all my experiences are the result of the creative force I have manifested through my connection between my conscious and subconscious mind… The World Within.. creates the World Without.  The entire universe is a Manifestation of Idealization of thought!

If I am unhappy with the results of my life… then I must change the material I build my life with.  If I deeply desire cloth-knit connection with friends and family.. then I must use Broadcloth.. not Shoddy.  If I deeply desire a $16,000 a month passive income.. again.. I must use Broad Cloth.. no  Shoddy…

Any and all experiences I have ever had in my life.. good and bad are the result of the material I have used to build out my experience.  The only way I am going to evolve is If I make the conscious choice to truly forgive.. to truly “Greet this Day with Love in my heart”…  or else… remain a simple peddler in the marketplace of life…

As soon as this really started to sink in… I began to feel a sense of relief and peace that I have never felt before. I realized how important it was to truly free my mind of all of the things in the past that no longer served me. How important it is to Forgive.. and Eliminate old thought patterns from my being..

The Dictionary Website, defines eliminate as the following:

verb (used with object), eliminated, eliminating.
1. to remove or get rid of, especially as being in some way undesirable:

to eliminate risks; to eliminate hunger.
Antonyms: obtain, get, invite.
2. to omit, especially as being unimportant or irrelevant; leave out:

I have eliminated all statistical tables, which are of interest only to thespecialist.
3. to remove from further consideration or competition, especially bydefeating in a contest.
4. to eradicate or kill:

to eliminate the enemy.
5. Physiology. to void or expel from an organism.
6. Mathematics. to remove (a quantity) from an equation by elimination.

If I am to Eliminate something from my life… It means that these thoughts no longer even appear as thoughts or take up any time whatsoever in my mind. 1 second.. 1 minute.. 1 hour… all of these time frames are absolutely important any time I am taking to focus on something else other than achieving my definite chief aims.. My goals.. my dreams.. my passions and purpose..  In order to do this.. true forgiveness is absolutely essential.

Above all else… I think its imperative that we forgive ourselves before we forgive anyone else… with all this resounding in my head… I am filled with an absolute sense of peace and empowerment. Realizing that if I am going to build the life I want… I must use all the best material. I must do the work.. The hard mental labor. But most of all realizing that this is not just something to do now.. but it is something to make a priority for the rest of my life. MKMMA teaches us how to live different.. to live a more fulfilled.. and more empowered life.

I feel the need right now to reaffirm to myself why I am here… why I started this journey.. why this is so important and what I am willing to do to dig in deeper and make the most of this time in my life.  Now is a perfect time for me to use all the best materials in my life to build that Bliss filled life that has been so clearly and eloquently defined in my DMP (Definite major purpose) and Personal Pivotal Needs…I want to thank the Mastermind team for all there continued help and support.!


10 thoughts on “Week 7 / Week 8 – “You cannot make Broadcloth from Shoddy….”

  1. Congratulations on making your way through the muck and fog. The fact that you were experiencing difficulty, yet you took the time to question your feelings of “stuck” and kept moving is part of this learning. Thank you for sharing your struggle and what helped to keep you going.


  2. I’m so glad that you shared the definitions of broadcloth and shoddy! While I had a mental image of them, you brought them into clear focus, which as we know, is VERY important! Thank you.


  3. Love this post… It hits so close to home with me. This statement – Above all else… I think its imperative that we forgive ourselves before we forgive anyone else.: That is any area I am working on so hard now. SO glad to mastermind with you.


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