Week 6 – Reflections After the Sunday and Digital Connections Webinars


I understand that my DMP may evolve further, but I feel that I have finally reached a point in which I find myself very much proud and in tune of how my Definite Majoraboutimagexcf Purpose link’s up with where I am now in my life and the path that we I am taking. I feel as thought this document represents the current page or chapter in which I am at now. There are different pages and different chapters in the blue print as time goes on, but the tools that we have learned and have been ingraining into our lives give us the ability to revise our blue print whenever we want as we advance to the different pages and chapters in our lives! I am very much brimming with excitement how ‘in tune’ it is with me on the page that I am on now. I wanted to give a special thanks to the MKMMA for being there to guide me into honing this process.  I think I’ve written and re-written this thing probably about 20-30 times in the last 6 weeks so far!

Sunday Webinar

I feel a new layer of excitement after watching the webinars over the past 2 days… The Sunday Webinar was last night and the Digital Connections Webinar just finished . maxresdefault-1Regarding the Sunday Webinar I am really seeing everything coming together now with the program.  The one thing I’ve been struggling with is the conscious of the linking of the symbols.  Having my Smart Goals linked to the shapes is really accelerating and driving home the importance of the layers that are being installed within my life.  Its literally a whole new interface… and communication channel within my life. It is learning how to speak in the language of the universe. A way for me to communicate with my own Sun.. in my own SOLAR plexus. Connected to the Universe and that higher power… Using emotions which manifest themselves physically in the body and mind.. Peptides flowing based on the creative forces I am in charge of manifesting in my life.  I am on a personal mission to take this version of what I have been succeeding at doing to a whole new level.. that progressive level that takes place as time goes on.

Digital Connections

I feel this week has sparked something new… reverberating and resounding in my life. The use of the tools… Blogging, Twitter, Facebook and any other tool to extend the reach of the amazing plan I have already put together in my DMP. mastermind I actually wasn’t even watching the screen tonight.. I was just listening… and I felt like another piece of my concrete realizing that I could so easily leverage these tools with an effortless momentum to leverage what I am doing as a Computing Consultant. How I could reach people around the world and share my love and my view of technology and maybe reach those people around the world and help become their “Emissary of Quan” as well…. I know that at this moment i feel absolutely confident in where my life is… and I don’t feel any need whatsoever to change my DMP for the moment.. but I know this is something I have to listen to my Subby about over the coming weeks and months…I think I need to talk to the Digital Connections team to see if there is any Harmony I can reach connecting with them further…..


I would say the BIGGEST challenge for me moving into week 6 is that Mid-day interruption to reaffirm the growing and budding blueprint in my life. I am also noticing that I not only need that ‘sacred time’ at night.. but it is also vitally important in the morning.  Once the interruptions start to trickle in I am less likely to do all of what I need to do … once I connect my phone to the world it is so much more likely that I end up becoming interrupted in my Morning Sacred reading ritual.  One of the tools that I am implementingpassionplanner in my life right now is my Calendar and Organizer to aid in the Interruption process… I am even setting up my online calendar to schedule alerts during the day to remind me of what my accountability is.  I am highlighting different time slots in my planner to coincide with my calendar on my phone.  I am going to be investing in a little more complete set of color and highlighting tools and will be making things a lot more animated in my life.

I have been giving this a lot of thought  IF I take the time 5x times a day to maintain a constant rapport with my new blueprint. Taking 5 times throughout the day to interrupt and allow the New Blue Print a chance to truly take hold?  How long would it take? I am applying this practice in my life starting this very moment and seeing what the impact is of using 5x a day to stimulate my new blue print… Even if I missed one… and it only happened 4x a day.. what would happen?  I am committed to the Affirming Amazing habits of being absolutely dedicated to seeing my new Blue Print blossom in all aspects of my life. I ALWAYS KEEP MY WORD AND MY PROMISES


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