Week 5 – Experiences with Stillness

Part of my morning routine involves observing 20 minutes of stillness. In week 5 the Master Keys system outlines the stillness exercise

29. Now, go to your room, take the same seat, the same position as heretofore,
and mentally select a place which has pleasant associations. Make a complete
mental picture of it, see the buildings, the grounds, the trees, friends, associations,
everything complete. At first, you will find yourself thinking of everything under the
sun, except the ideal upon which you desire to concentrate. But do not let that
discourage you. Persistence will win, but persistence requires that you practice
these exercises every day without fail.

As I focus on creating my “complete mental picture” I find I get flashes and images.. idea’s… inspiration… I feel as though sometimes I’m getting feed back and information from the libraries connected to the source that never sleeps. My experience has been that once we embed a connection between our conscious and subconscious mind and once it has been charged with sufficient emotional momentum it really does go out and find solutions that support and create a like vibration.  Things become easier to deal with. When we are working on removing dual thoughts from our mental patterns it becomes easier to turn our thoughts to the pattern which we are focusing on growing and cultivating in our lives.

Becoming our own “Emissary of Quan” Where we take the reigns of empowerment and choose what thought patterns we hold onto and what thought patterns will share our lives. The time for that communication between the “SOLARplexus” and our brain.. Between the conscious and subconscious it seems the most clear when my mind is still and my body is relaxed. While focusing on creating my complete Mental picture I do get frequent bursts if idea and inspiration flowing in as if my Subconscious is fetching all the building materials I need to build what I need to build in order to make that real.

Its something I’ve come to look forward to doing in the morning. It really is an amazing feeling … Have an amazing weekend everyone and Happy Halloween on Monday!

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