Week 3 – DMP @ Work…..

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

I felt I NEEDED to check in and share an very amazing thing that just happened to me today which I attribute directly to the developing connection with the “Source that Never Sleeps”… 

There is a cafe that I spend tonnes of time in here in Beautiful Oakville Ontario. I’ve seen the same gentleman coming in for the last 6 or 8 months here and never really had the inclination to start up a conversation with him.  I’m gonna hit the pause button here for a second and share a small blurb from my current DMP….

“I feel a deep sense of fulfillment building and peeking into April 2017 as I develop connections to a close-knit community that share my drive for Spiritual Growth, through the shared investigation of individual spiritual Truth’s.”

So this morning I come into the cafe and there he is sitting down at a table grabbing a coffee.. We start sharing our stories. It turns out he is a pastor at a church up the street, and he invited me up to his church to have a look and check things out.  I am by no means a religious individual, but I am a spiritual individual with a deep respect for everyone’s own belief’s if my journey takes me to a church, then that is where I will go… it doesn’t even mean I have to agree with everything, but the people.. the connection the shared experience.. that is important to me...

As soon as he started talking and inviting me, I got this flash connecting to my DMP… Subby is saying.. “here you go… start here!!!!” My own personal savant connected managing over 3 Billion neurons is really starting to get to work on manifesting my emotionally charged DMP!!!! 🙂  We ended up talking for almost an hour, sharing our own beliefs… agreeing to disagree in some spaces… seeing commonality where there was some… but I will say that through my connection with this man I did start seeing things from another perspective!  

6 thoughts on “Week 3 – DMP @ Work…..

  1. This is great post Daniel – thank you for sharing your perceptions so succinctly. Its so interesting when you’re consciously mindful of all things ‘subby’ / former-blueprint related when universal alignment conspires for you to be on purpose. I appreciate your thoughts.


    1. As a follow up to this, Week 4 has me feeling that their is a battle going on between my old blueprint and my fledgling New Blue print. Dreams are leaving me some very important messages that are showing me the way to letting go off my old patterns.

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      1. Daniel, that is amazing! You should share this on the forum!

        I’m so tired at the moment I’m only dreaming of sleep lol .. though I’m most definitely aware of the conflict between old and new .. like you, determined to emerge on the other side though 🙂

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