Week 1 – Feeling the momentum growing..

I’m feel more excited than ever to be on this Master Key Journey. I find doing the exercises daily I’m noticing there is a definite change in mindset I am experiencing. I feel as though there is an incremental change as I continue to follow the program.  I remember reading a book call the “Slight Edge” He talked about Jim Rohn and him talking about the  things that are Easy to do.. and Easy not to do… Its easy to read The Greatest Salesmen 3x a day… but its also easy not to do too..

Part of the first weeks assignment here was to write a DMP – Definite Major Purpose. Its essentially the movie script you to a movie you see yourself living. Through keeping ones DMP first and foremost in their mind.. this script begins to soak into all the depths of the subconscious mind and the subconscious begins to work on bringing all the pieces together…

Well I found myself writing and re-writing and re-writing… I would write out my DMP, then type it out, then write it out again… as of this evening I’m on Version 7 of my DMP! I had submitted version 1 to my Guide… It will be interesting to see what I get back from her and compare it to the state of my DMP now.

Tonight I had a huge breakthrough this this….  I felt a piece of my script come into focus and I am absolutely excited to begin to feed this version of my DMP into my brain every day along with the other requirements.  I find this process has been magical thus far and I’m really looking forward to seeing where things go.




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