SUNDAY!!!! 1st Webinar is here!!!

I’m excited to really get the ball rolling with the 2016 /2017 MKMMA course. I’ve had a few days to rest my brain and switch gears.

One thing about me… as anyone gets to know me.. they will realize I’m a big Geek when it comes to my Tech. You will notice in my blog posts I might make an analogy related to technology.

When you install a new computer program sometimes those programs have options to install a service that will state every time your computer starts. That just means that the system has made it a priority to allocate resources to that program to accommodate the function that it performs. Also, when you uninstall a program those services will then be removed as they are no longer something the computer needs to continue to re-allocated resources to. Sometimes when we have two many of these programs installed our computers can begin to run very very slow and sluggish and can even lead to crashes!!! I think sometimes we can have way to much on our plate, we consequently need to take a step back and rethink about how we are doing things in our lives and needlessly be overtaxing our brain power.. or taxing it in ways that has a slight edge effect of working against us.

I feel with the MKMMA course its not something that is just simply going to start and stop. I feel this is a time of personal transformation and the things that get brought to the table will result in me uninstalling certain things from my life in order to free up and empower my mind. Also, there will be things that I install, some of which will become critical to my system and how I function in my day to day routine.

I am really looking forward to the 1st Webinar.. I am very happy to be here and I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to connect with such an amazing group of people!  I’m looking forward to re-equipping my mind for perpetual success in life!


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