In Harmony…

This weekend In spending time with my daughter the subject of harmonious connections came up. Summer is quickly leaving us here in Southern Ontario, hot muggy weather is quickly being replaced by those cold mornings and temperate early fall days… Consequently this makes it one of the favorite times of the year for me… I absolutely love walking this time of year! Since it is just my daughter and I, my natural inclination is to make her part of my ritual 🙂  It was a perfect morning to head out to the local coffee shop. Daughter got her hot chocolate, I got my morning coffee.. As we were talking and walking home the conversation of being in Harmony came up and how as we talked we were in harmony, both exchanging idea’s and sharing information with the goal of increased understanding and awareness of things around us in our daily lives.

I was demonstrating how here we were listening to one another, exchanging and sharing our idea’s in a ‘privileged forum’ One on One, open and receptive to where we were both coming from and the truth’s we were sharing were important to the both of us. What I noticed as we were walking, is that Harmony creates more of the same… each and everyone of us that chooses to embrace this and makes the conscious choice to create more Harmony, like attracts like.. momentum tends to build.

We walked by garage sale, we found the perfect pair of shoes for my daughter.. the perfect style. an amazing price. It was a very symbolic situation I felt, because with Harmony things come together with ease… and can fit perfectly…. Even give you a little bit of room to grow 🙂



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